Shops and dealerships everywhere are desperate for technicians. Job boards are inundated with thousands of job posts from various industries. It’s nearly impossible for any employer to stand out, and this is especially true for shops and dealerships looking for technicians.

Recently, Nate and his team at Morgan Auto Group were looking to add a technician to their team. While in the past they had relied on word-of-mouth referrals and big industry job boards like Indeed, they wanted to try something new and expand their reach. That is when they discovered WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts.

Being a part of Reverse Job Posts gave Morgan Auto Group another opportunity to connect with technicians to potentially hire. It also made communicating with techs very simple. At a quick glance, they were able to see what a technician can bring to their dealership and message them all on the same platform.

Read why Nate recommends Reverse Job Posts to shops and dealerships below!

How did you hear about WrenchWay and Reverse Job Posts?

I heard of WrenchWay and Reverse Job Posts mainly from my co-workers at our other locations. I have also been listening to WrenchWay’s podcast, Beyond the Wrench, and receiving multiple email updates about the resources, like Reverse Job Posts, you are now offering. Plus, our dealerships have recently become Top Shops, so I have been in touch with our account manager, too.

How have you found technicians in the past?

We like to find technicians through word-of-mouth, preferably. Usually, someone knows someone and can recommend them. Otherwise, we have used Indeed, Zip Recruiter, our website, or have had people drop into our dealerships.

How easy was it to create a shop profile for Reverse Job Post?

It was very easy and quick to create a profile. Another member of our team originally handled creating our free Reverse Job Posts profile. Then, when we upgraded to become a Top Shop, our account manager from WrenchWay really gave us the support we needed to make it easy on us once again.

How long did it take for you to get notifications that there were technicians in your area?

Instantly we received notifications that there were technicians in our area looking for work. I do check our profile for messages and alerts daily, or at least every other day. We also get email notifications when there are new technicians in our area.

Would you recommend Reverse Job Posts to other shops?

Yes, I would recommend Reverse Job Posts to other shops and dealerships. If you are active with your profile and reaching out to technicians, more than likely they will respond and have a conversation. Technicians are hard to find, so Reverse Job Posts allow our dealerships to further our reach.

We see a lot of shops struggling with knowing how to approach technicians on Reverse Job Posts. What advice do you have for shops on how they can successfully engage with technicians on Reverse Job Posts?

I don’t know if I want to give away my trade secrets about how to talk with technicians! But, on a serious note, we do things differently here at Morgan Auto Group. I have a background in being a technician, and I am still a master diagnostic technician with Toyota and a master ASE technician. I am in no way a recruiter that doesn’t know how to talk or relate to technicians. So we are unique in that we have in-house technician recruiters/trainers, like me, that can connect with new technicians on another level.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am excited to see where this goes for us and our dealerships! I really like the platform, and I’m excited to get our Top Shop pages going.

Technicians & Shops — Sign Up For Reverse Job Post For Free

Technicians who are interested in creating a Reverse Job Post can download the free WrenchWay mobile app in the App Store or on Google Play, and create a new account to get started.

Shops can sign up for a free account on, and will get notified when there are technicians looking for new opportunities in their area. Premium plans with enhanced features are available as well.

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