We recently listed Madison as one of our Featured Cities. With nine local shops listed so far (and more profiles in the works), these early adopters of WrenchWay are actively working to help improve the job search process for technicians in the Madison area.

Stacia Aeschbach, Owner of Aeschbach Automotive in Middleton, was one of the first shops to sign up on the platform. She explains, “WrenchWay is showcasing that we, as a community, are looking for ways to improve the industry.” Aeschbach adds, “Whether you’re looking to become a technician or you’re a seasoned pro — WrenchWay is a great tool to help find the right shop to work at.”

With the growing technician shortage, shops know they are in a fierce competition for talent. The problem is traditional job boards don’t allow shops to show technicians what makes their shop unique and a great place to work.

Job postings all look the same and don’t provide the information that technicians actually care about. What this leads to is technicians staying in jobs they aren’t necessarily satisfied with.

WrenchWay was built to give shop owners the opportunity to showcase their shop specifically for technicians, and provide complete transparency — giving technicians the information they want before taking the time to apply and interview for a job.

To be on WrenchWay, shops are required to fill out the full profile to give technicians complete transparency. Some of the information shops must share includes:

  • Compensation – Structure, base pay, incentives
  • Benefits – Providers, coverage, amount of PTO, etc.
  • Work environment – Shifts, parts ordering process, team size, etc.
  • Career development – Paid trainings, mentorships, community involvement, etc.
  • Hiring process – Pre-screening tests, skills assessments, length of hiring process, etc.
  • Photos – Photos of the actual area where techs will be working, not just the areas customers see

By providing this detailed information on one platform, technicians will be able to easily find the shop that best aligns their needs and values, and apply with confidence knowing it’s a good fit for them.

Ted Manning, Owner of West Town Monona Tire, was also one of the first shops in the Madison area to sign up. He explains, “It’s great that there is finally a platform for technicians to virtually research potential job opportunities, and for shop owners to truly showcase their businesses!”

Shops – Try WrenchWay for Free!

If you’re a shop or a dealership who would like to be listed as a top shop on WrenchWay, we’re offering it up for free through September 30, 2020. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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If you’re a technician or service advisor in the Madison area, we’d love to get your feedback on local top shop profiles! Simply choose any of our Madison area top shops, click on the survey link in their profile, and fill out the survey for a chance to win a $200 gift card to a local business of your choice. All responses are anonymous, and your contact information will never be shared.

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