It was such a pleasure sitting down with Steve Hamre, National Automotive Technician Recruiting Manager at Lithia Motors, Inc., to discuss how they recently hired a technician at their dealership in Bryan, TX using WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts. Not only did Steve talk about his team’s experience with the platform, but he also shared some great advice for any shop that is struggling to communicate with and recruit technicians.

All shops are struggling to find technicians. With a majority of technicians already employed, shops have had to expand their recruiting efforts past traditional job boards. Even the bigger auto groups, like Lithia Motors with 280+ stores, are no exception. To further their reach and get in touch with more technicians, Lithia Motors added WrenchWay’s Reverse Job Posts to their recruiting efforts.

About Lithia

Lithia Motors started in 1946 as a single-point Dodge store, and since then has grown to be the second-largest publicly owned automotive group in the nation. Lithia Motors currently owns and operates 281 stores in the United States and Canada. With more expansion coming, finding more technicians is a top priority for Lithia, which sparked their partnership with WrenchWay.

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WrenchWay: A Better Way to Hire Technicians

A New Way to Find Technicians

WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts allow technicians to fill out a short questionnaire about their work experience, and select the shops that can see their anonymous post. Approved shops then receive a notification that there is a tech in their area looking for work. If the shop is interested in learning more about the technician or wants to set up an interview, they can message them on the platform—all while the technician remains anonymous.

With the growing number of technicians making their way to Reverse Job Posts to look for new work, Lithia Motors jumped onboard quickly. To enhance their technician recruiting efforts, Steve and his team at Lithia Motors have continued to use Reverse Job Posts to open up communication with potential hires who wish to remain anonymous.

“I think a lot of technicians, while they are working [and looking for new work], love to stay anonymous, and for obvious reasons. This [Reverse Job Posts] is just a great tool where there is a lot more possibility of communication that I don’t think you would ever get before with a hiring agency.”

Steve Hamre, National Automotive Technician Recruiting Manager at Lithia Motors, Inc.

To learn more about Lithia has used WrenchWay’s Reverse Job Posts, check out the quick videos below.