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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we had the pleasure of being joined by Corey Smith, National Fixed Operations Training Manager, National Auto Care. Corey talks about how to develop a process, ways to implement a process, and ways to gamify your process.

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Developing a Powerful Process

  • Everything we do in life is a process. Whether we write it down or not, we are following a process.
  • When you fail at something, and there is no process in place, you’re going to revert to what you were originally doing.
  • Get together with technicians and managers when creating a process. Write it out as a group on how the process should be done. Give technicians a voice in the process to create buy-in. This shows technicians you truly care and want to be better.
  • Be intentional when hiring new technicians based on the processes the shop has in place. When you hire somebody, they need to be on board with the process and understand why you implemented the process.

Implementation of a Process

  • When implementing a process, the best place to start is with non-negotiables. These are the minimum requirements needed for the process to be successful.
  • Think about your process from the customer’s point of view because that’s the reason you’re in business.
  • As a shop owner/manager, you need to understand what drives technicians in order to create a process they are actually going to follow.
  • Processes are going to change over time, and you need to be flexible. Processes change when you hire a new employee, new technology is released, employees get promoted, etc.

Gamification in Creating a Process

  • Managers and technicians need to remain engaged with the processes in the shop. Anytime you have a process that is getting stale, get ahead of it to get employees re-engaged.
  • When employees feel like they are plateauing in a job, they’ll look somewhere else. You need to keep them excited and keep educating them.

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Corey Smith
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RepairSmith: RepairSmith delivers repair and scheduled maintenance on-location for fleet owners to maximize vehicle utilization and consolidate costs. Founded in 2018, RepairSmith is based in Los Angeles and offers service across 550+ cities. All RepairSmith mechanics are employees of the company and are equipped with quality tools and parts to deliver a five-star service experience. To learn more, visit repairsmith.com.

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