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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Lindsey Trent, Business and Customer Development Manager, Ryder System, Inc. Jay and Lindsey sit down to discuss how to build an automotive/diesel program in schools, creating a career pathway for students, sparking kids’ interest in the industry, and much more!

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Sparking Kids Interest in the Industry

  • There is so much that young people don’t know about this industry. We need to shed light on all the possibilities and opportunities.
  • As students, we’re taught to either go to college or graduate high school and start working. Why can’t it be “and”? Go to college and start working in trucking.
  • We need to educate young people that the sky’s the limit, and they can do anything they want.

Making an Impact in Schools

  • It can start at the principal level, and they need to be passionate about tech programs. It also requires a strong foundation of an advisory board.
  • Schools should create partnerships to help provide tools and funding for their programs.
  • Allow industry to get more involved in education, and be engaged in high school programs.

“We want to get these kids at a younger age. We want to get the kids that want to be in our industry. We don’t want them to go to other industries. We want them to be retained in our industry and be passionate about what they’re doing”.
Lindsey Trent, Customer Development Manager,  Ryder System, Inc.

Fostering Students in the Industry

  • We need to get these kids at a younger age. The drive and passion needs to happen in the schools.
  • Make this an industry with a career path that students can be passionate about.
  • Get students in the shop when they are in high school for real hands-on learning.
  • This generation is questioning, “Do I need to go to college? Do I want to do that?” We need to show them the options that are out there if they don’t choose the college route.

Introduce Students to Another Winning Career Path – Auto/Diesel Industries

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