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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Matthew Leffler, Director of Business Development, Epika Fleet Services. Matthew discusses the impact of non-compete clauses, the importance of workers’ compensation, and advice on negotiating.

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The Impact of Non-Compete Clauses

  • Up to 40 million Americans have signed some version of a non-competition agreement.
  • The non-competition agreement has three parts to it:
    • How long is the agreement?
    • How far does the agreement go?
    • What aren’t you allowed to do? For example, if you’re a business fixing heavy-duty trucks, a non-competition agreement wouldn’t stop a technician from working in an auto repair company.
  • With non-compete clauses, some managers are afraid of getting tied up in court, having to deal with legal fees, and going against a business that has more money.

Workers’ Compensation and Safety

  • In all states, it’s a mandatory insurance policy to have workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy in many states for anything that happens when it comes to being injured.
  • The more injuries you have, the more expensive it is to insure the business. Workers’ compensation and safety are the most important ways to control your business. With safety, you must never compromise.
  • The three things technicians have to wear all the time are a set of safety glasses, composite shoes, and ear protection. Every single time you see someone not doing it, talk to them about it.
  • It’s not just saying it, it’s walking the walk. If you’re going into the shop and you’re not wearing safety glasses, but telling everybody else to wear safety glasses, that’s not a good look.

Advice on Negotiating

  • Every person has a zone when negotiating. They have things in their zone they have to have and things they can give away. Know what is in your zone before going into the negotiation.
  • When you’re negotiating with somebody, you always want to be as polite as possible, but you also need to be an advocate for yourself.
  • A lot of people go into a negotiation with the mindset of getting the best deal possible. You don’t always need the best deal. You need a fair deal where both people are confident with the decision.
  • Negotiation is a hard conversation, and it’s important to learn how to have hard conversations as you grow into any business.

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