In this episode of WrenchWay Weekly, we discuss technicians ghosting prospective employers. Watch the full episode, or review the episode highlights below.

Do Technicians Ghost Potential Employers?

A recent WrenchWay Insiders poll asked, “Have you ever ghosted a shop after applying or after an interview?” Let’s review the responses:

  • Yes: 25%
  • No: 75%

If yes, what was the reason you ghosted them?

  1. Wasn’t sold on the shop
  2. Received a better offer
  3. Other
  4. Wasn’t serious about the job search

Among the “other” replies, we received a variety of comments, including, “I cannot believe the number of technicians that have accepted a position and just never show up. To me, that is a cowardly thing to do and very unprofessional.”

Interestingly, much of the cause for technicians’ ghosting activities is due to poor communication by the hiring shops. One tech says, “I accepted to talk, but when I did, I got back an automated response. I decided if you don’t have the time to really talk to me, then why should I waste my time?” Similarly, another respondent remarks, “Employers need to stop taking forever to call. It is constantly hurry-up and wait.”

Another technician’s loss of interest in a job can be traced to an employer’s lack of full disclosure. “Information in the job description didn’t match the info the shop itself told me on the phone or information was missing in the job description.”

How Repair Shops Can Manage Technician Ghosting

While our survey shows that most technicians don’t ghost prospective employers, there are easy steps that shops can use to reduce the chance of this happening. In an era of technician shortages, every candidate counts.

  • Make Full Disclosure: Share all the important details about the shop and the job BEFORE the interview.
  • Set Expectations: During the hiring process, communicate with candidates to keep them informed, but make your message brief.
  • Be Responsive: Make an effort to always and quickly respond to inquiries from candidates.