Thank you to everyone that joined us for our virtual happy hour to celebrate one year of WrenchWay! We had such a great time, and hope you all did too. If you couldn’t attend the event live, don’t worry — we have the recording below!

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Event Highlights What We’ve Learned

Top Shops

  • Our “Under The Hood” section highlights all the information technicians really want to know about a shop. One thing we learned is just how important the “Work Environment” section is to technicians.
  • People love seeing authentic videos from shops — it helps shops show off their personality and unique culture.
  • Shops still believe there’s a quick fix for recruiting technicians when they need to think about it as a long-term strategy.
  • We’re learning how to be a better resource for our clients by providing guides and helping them learn how to maximize the use of their Top Shop page.

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Customer Success Story: Steve Hamre, National Automotive Technician Recruiting Manager, Lithia Motors, Inc.

  • It’s important that shops and technicians are using WrenchWay as a passive and active resource for recruiting.
  • Lithia has seen great success with WrenchWay. They have 80 stores currently signed up, and more to come. They’ve gotten well over 200 candidates from their Top Shop page and have hired over 30 of those candidates.
  • Steve loves that the product was built as if a technician told you exactly what they wanted to see (which is exactly how the WrenchWay team developed the Top Shop pages).

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School Connect

  • People are extremely willing to help out to grow the next generation of technicians.
  • We are creating local solutions to a national problem, and working to make a big change in the industry.
  • The product is completely virtual, which has allowed schools/instructors the opportunity to help other schools across the country. This isn’t something we anticipated when we first built the product.

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Sneak Peek at the Newest Product: Reverse Job Posts

Reverse Job Posts

  • The problem with job boards is that everyone is hiring, all job posts look the same, and it is very overwhelming for technicians.
  • Reverse Job Posts will allow technicians to post anonymously, and shops can “apply” if they are interested.
  • Technicians answer a brief questionnaire, see local shops in their area, and can message with the shop to see if it would be a good fit — all while keeping their contact information hidden.
  • The whole concept is to give technicians the opportunity to be in control to find the right shop.
  • The cost? It’s completely free to use for technicians. Shops can browse reverse job posts for free, and can purchase credits to message technicians. (Shops get to message for free through September 2021!)

Lean More About Reverse Job Posts

Reverse Job Posts launches in early July, but technicians and shops can sign up now:

Technician Sign Up
Download the WrenchWay mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. The Reverse Job Posts section will be added soon!

Shop Sign Up
Get on the early list! Fill out your information on our website, and we will notify you when there are technicians in your area.

Congratulations To Our Giveaway Winners

  • David Taylor, Service Manager, Symes Cadillac
  • Jeremy Conte, Recruiter, Lithia
  • Josh Kent, Executive Director, CCA, TCRA, and MSCRA
  • Margaret Ragan, Outreach Coordinator, Northwest Automotive Trades Association
  • Robert Trevino, Workforce Development Manager, Gulf States Toyota
  • Tracey Hicks, Automotive Instructor, Frederick County Public Schools,
  • Shaun Smith, Director, Collin College