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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Randy Clements, General Manager, and Adam Macie, Service Manager, Euro Motorcars Devon. Randy and Adam share with us all the details behind the mentorship program at their shop. They discuss how mentorship has changed over the years and advice to young technicians looking to get involved in the industry.

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The Evolution of Mentorship

  • Mentorship is always changing, and it’s fueled by technology. Thirty years ago, almost every engine operated similarly, and that isn’t the case anymore.
  • It’s important to find someone who is passionate about the industry and help them grow in their career.
  • After the mentorship process, continue to treat everyday like it’s the first day. Take advantage of all the new things that can be learned from the technicians in the shop.
  • The industry as a whole is becoming more professional, and that is due to mentorship. Mentors help mentees by teaching and showing them how to act professionally.

Advice to Young Technicians

  • Slow down. New technicians don’t need to be A-level techs by tomorrow. Take the time and learn as much as possible.
  • A technician’s goal should be to absorb, learn, and adapt. It’s not just teaching the technician how to fix a car, but going above and beyond.
  • As a technician, you can always make more money, but can’t make more time. Continue learning and take advantage of this time to build a career.

Mentorship Program Process

  • Mentorship programs vary based on each technician. The goal when hiring new technicians is to develop and look for the long term. Look for a career, not just a job.
  • Most technicians start on the express lane with a mentor. They stay there until we feel they are comfortable to move on. Some take five months and some could take a year. Do not rush anybody out who isn’t ready.
  • The technician is then put side-by-side with a lead technician who has a lot of experience. They are able to ask questions and learn how to do things the right way.
  • It’s important to check in and meet with the mentors monthly to see how it’s going. It’s also important to check in and meet with the mentee. Do they feel they’re learning? Are they comfortable and ready to move on to the next steps?
  • Even after the mentorship process is over, team leads should always be there to help. It is a team effort. If a technician doesn’t succeed, the shop won’t succeed.

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