Lifetime Transmissions is a family-owned and operated specialty shop located in Broken Arrow, OK. From 1983 to the present day, their team and business have continued to grow and flourish. To support their steady growth, Lifetime Transmissions has found success using WrenchWay to find and hire technicians.

Growing the Lifetime Transmissions Family with the Help of WrenchWay

As a family business, Lifetime Transmissions strives to find the right candidates for their team. But like most shops, finding qualified technicians is a tough task, and Lifetime Transmissions was struggling to find candidates on popular job boards.

WrenchWay: A Better Way to Hire Technicians

Fortunately, with the help of WrenchWay’s expanding technician network and targeted marketing, Lifetime Transmissions has had several qualified technicians apply that they have hired.

“WrenchWay connects more with technicians, which was what we were needing. I can go to almost any personnel place and hire a secretary, a warehouse person, or other office staff. Technicians are really hard to find. So you have to find somebody who has some kind of connection, and I know WrenchWay does a lot with technicians.”

Tiffany Scherado, Co-Owner and Office Manager, Life Transmissions

Lifetime Transmissions uses their WrenchWay Top Shop page to showcase photos and videos of their nice facilities, provide detailed information on pay and benefits, and answer the most frequently asked questions by technicians—all on one page. Prospective technician applicants have appreciated being able to see this information before they apply to know it’s a good fit.

WrenchWay Top Shop Page: Lifetime Transmissions

Building Relationships with Schools

Lifetime Transmissions regularly collaborates with local technical schools and programs, prioritizing the hiring of young talent. They value and foster mentorship and internal growth, contributing to the development of future technicians. An essential tool for them on WrenchWay is School Assist, which helps them build relationships with local high schools and post-secondary schools.

“The schools that do want to partner with the shops, they’re out there. In a lot of cases, it seems like schools are reaching out to shops that don’t want to do anything with them, and shops that do want to do stuff are reaching out to schools that aren’t replying. WrenchWay gives a platform for people who are committed to helping. To me, that’s probably my favorite thing!”

Tiffany Scherado, Co-Owner and Office Manager, Life Transmissions

An Easy, Rewarding Implementation Process

Busy shop owners and managers may initially worry they don’t have the time to dedicate to creating a WrenchWay Top Shop page for their shop. However, Lifetime Transmissions found this process very straightforward and rewarding.

“WrenchWay is not something you have to invest a lot of time in. They are really good about giving ideas and helping put the information out there. Just complete your WrenchWay page a little bit at a time. When it’s out there, you have something that not many shops have.”

Tiffany Scherado, Co-Owner and Office Manager, Life Transmissions


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