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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Cindy Barlow, Director of Internal Relation at WyoTech to discuss challenges students are experiencing, the importance of professionalism, how shops can help new techs, and much more!

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Challenges Students are Experiencing

  • Students are overwhelmed because the need for technicians is so high, and they don’t know which shop is going to be the best choice.
  • Students are drawn to shops where they will be paid more because they have debt and tend to not look at other factors.
  • The industry is working against itself. Shop costs are going up, and if one shop sets a higher wage level, the neighbor down the road will hear and feel the need to as well.

The Importance of Professionalism

  • After receiving a job offer that they decide they aren’t going to take, students need to do a better job of communicating with shops and learn how to professionally decline a job offer without ghosting them.
  • Students need to be educated on pay structure, insurance, and retirement plans. These are most likely new and confusing topics for them and something they should be educated on before accepting a job.
  • Shops should paint a career path for new technicians. Students will know exactly what they are getting into.
  • Students need to learn how to communicate professionally with shops and bring back the basics of how to shake a hand.

“People just want to be wanted. They want to know they matter, and you have their best interest in mind and there are a lot of shops that don’t do that.”

Jay Goninen, Co-Founder and President, WrenchWay

Progress in the Industry

  • Shops are starting to get involved in schools more with donations. (Donations include monetary, parts, tools, etc.)
  • Some shops are giving back to the new techs they hire with tuition reimbursement programs if the tech works in their shop for a certain amount of time.
  • Industry partners are reaching out to WyoTech and other schools because they are wanting to hire their students.

How Shops Can Help New Techs

  • It’s all about relationships and how you make people feel. New technicians need to know that the shops believe in them.
  • Hire the person, not the school. Shops shouldn’t be judging students based on the school they attend, but rather the work they can do.
  • Ensure you are finding the right student to fit into the shop. You want a tech that is going to fit in with the company culture.
  • Set expectations of the shop immediately. Then, students won’t be surprised on what it’s like in the shop on their first day of work.

“When you hire them make sure you realize this economic climate isn’t their problem and the demand of the industry isn’t their problem. They are choosing to get into this because it is their passion.”

Cindy Barlow, Director of Internal Relations, WyoTech

Technicians Want Work-Life Balance

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