Episode Description

Are you fully leveraging data to boost customer satisfaction?

Tim Eisenmann, CEO of Torqata, joins us to discuss how shops can use data as a tool to help predict supply chain issues.

(1:22) Guest Background
(10:07) The Decision-Making Process of Starting a Business
(16:08) Understanding Inventory and Carrying Capacity
(24:56) Tracking Data and Using it to Be Successful
(34:20) The Effects Outside Elements Have on Tracking Data
(42:12) Comparing Commonalities Between Shops
(47:21) The Future of Analytics

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Show Notes


About Our Host:

Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay
jayg@wrenchway.com | 608.716.2122

About Our Guest:

Tim Eisenmann
CEO, Torqata

About Our Sponsor:

The Zimbrick story began in 1965 when their founder, John Zimbrick, purchased a Buick franchise at the corner of Park and Regent Street in Madison, Wisconsin. John built his dealership around a philosophy he called “Loving Care Service” and the rest is history.

Today the Zimbrick family of dealerships has grown to 16 new car franchises. They have 20 service locations throughout Dane County, an additional store in Milwaukee as well as 3 award winning Body Shops.

Zimbrick is behind every errand, every road trip, every commute, every holiday visit, and every emergency. Their customers rely on them for safe and reliable vehicles to get them there and Zimbrick is always looking for talented individuals to help them in their mission.

Winner of Best of Madison and Madison People’s Choice Awards for 2022, Zimbrick is proud to serve its community. Visit the Zimbrick WrenchWay page at zimbrick.wrenchway.com to find out how you can join their team.

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