Whether you’re an automotive or diesel technician looking to enhance your skills, stay updated with the latest industry trends, or simply find some inspiration from fellow experts, these podcasts are a great place to start.

We asked technicians to share their favorite podcasts with us. From in-depth technical discussions to business insights and personal stories, here are your go-to resources for professional growth and industry knowledge.

12 Podcasts for Technicians in the Automotive & Diesel Industries

Beyond the Wrench with Jay Goninen podcast logo

Beyond the Wrench

How can automotive and diesel shops run a better business and be more profitable? How can we make the aftermarket and dealerships more attractive to younger generations? Each week, Jay Goninen, Co-Founder & President of WrenchWay, sits down with shop owners, technicians, instructors, and professionals in the automotive and diesel industries to have them share their stories and insights. We’ll dive deep into what’s going on in shops and dealerships and what we can do to help drive the industry forward.


Oil & Whiskey podcast logo

Oil & Whiskey

The Roadster Shop builds the best chassis in the world and creates some of the most badass muscle cars in the game. On the new IRONCLAD original series, Oil Whiskey, the crew behind the creations brings listeners into the shop for discussions on the kind of content gearheads want: insights about the latest tech, updates about their custom builds, events, industry news, tips and a ton more. Along with insights from the hosts, Jeremy Gerber, Phil Gerber, and Josh Henning, listeners also get to hear the guys answer their questions, break down some of their favorite models and get to know the crew responsible for the shop’s award-winning collection of muscle cars.


The Jaded Mechanic podcast logo

The Jaded Mechanic

Jeff takes listeners on a journey of reflection and insight into the tolls and triumphs of a career in automotive repair. After more than 20 years of skinned knuckles and tool debt, he wants to share his perspective and hear other people’s thoughts about the industry.


The Gearbox Podcast logo

The Gearbox Podcast

The Gearbox Podcast brings on industry professionals to explore the day-to-day operations of owning and operating a shop. From common frustrations to industry-wide shifts, this podcast covers it with fun and insightful conversations.


grease the wheels podcast logo

Grease the Wheels

A Master Technician, a microphone, 30 years of experience in the Automotive Industry: buckle up! This podcast explores the current state of the automotive industry from the point of view of the guys and gals turning the wrenches. So no matter what you fix, how you fix it, or how many tools you have to fix it with: welcome to the Grease the Wheels Nation. They also take a look at the makes and models of cars they work on through the lenses of history, economics, politics, personal experiences and the experiences of listeners.


Certified Wrench podcast logo

Certified Wrench

This podcast discusses the “life of a field tech” in the heavy equipment trade, with the exception of many other trades. They talk about everyday life, stories, ups and downs and much more.


Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z podcast logo

Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z

Matt Fanslow’s Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z Podcast is a wide-open perspective on all aspects of the automotive aftermarket from a working diagnosticians’ point of view. All topics and issues are on the table.


Automotive Diagnostic Podcast Logo

Automotive Diagnostic Podcast

A space to explore the diagnostic & technology side of automotive repair. They discuss tools, techniques, & ideas to sharpen your skills. They also interview experts in the automotive field.


Flat Rate Tech podcast logo

Flat Rate Tech Podcast

If you are an Automotive Mechanic or in the industry this is the show for you! This podcast covers the good and the bad. This podcast is meant for entertainment purposes only.


Sweat & Grime podcast logo

Sweat & Grime

A podcast geared towards entertainment instead of being informative. Bryan, Matt and Rick interview tradesmen in a style similar to a morning radio show. Listeners compare it to sitting around the tailgate drinking a few beers while you talk about life.


Changing the Industry podcast logo

Changing the Industry

This podcast is dedicated to changing the automotive industry for the better, one conversation at a time. Whether you’re a technician, vendor, business owner, or car enthusiast, we hope to inspire you to improve for your customers, your careers, your businesses, and your families.


Wrench Turners podcast logo

Wrench Turners

Information from Mechanics for Mechanics about living a happier, healthier, more productive life as a Mechanic.