It’s not a secret; the technician shortage makes it harder for shops to recruit new technicians. However, that is why it is even more important to focus on keeping their current technicians.

How can shops do this? One way is with proper recognition!

Everyone wants to be recognized for a job well done. Whether it is a physical pat-on-the-back or a more intangible approach, like simply saying “thank you,” it all accomplishes the same goal—recognizing your technicians for their hard work.

Let’s cover the benefits, ideas, and tips of recognition so your techs and shop can start seeing the pros that come with proper recognition.

Benefits of Technician Recognition

Increase Retention

Recognize the talent at your shop in order to keep the talent you have. If you don’t, the cost of a new hire is in the thousands. Specifically, Glassdoor found that on average it costs businesses about $4,000 and 24 days to hire a new employee. That is time and money your shop doesn’t need to lose.

Grow Shop Productivity & Profitability

Why not motivate your techs so they work harder? SHRM found that 79% of employees agree that recognition in the workplace makes them work harder. By boosting the morale of your shop’s technicians, that will bleed into other positives like better customer reviews, fewer accidents, and more.

Enhance Work & Shop Positivity

Stress can be high, especially in the shop during the busy season. New technicians, whether they are new to the industry or new to your shop, will stress wondering if the work they are doing is enough. Take away this unnecessary stress by positively complimenting their hard work regularly. Then, watch your other managers and staff do the same. As cheesy as it is, moods are contagious. Be that positive personality in the shop that inspires your team.

Attract High-Quality People

Word travels fast in the industry so when your technicians start chatting with friends about how your shop is hiring, what they say matters. In fact, HubSpot found that 85% of jobs are filled by networking and not by an actual job posting. Increase the positive reputation of your shop by improving the way you recognize your techs.

Technician Recognition Ideas

Here are some ways that your shop can recognize its technicians:

  1. Monetary bonus
  2. Free food (i.e., snacks in the breakroom or donuts in the morning, etc.)
  3. Gift card to a store or a local restaurant
  4. Awards (i.e., tech of the month, etc.)
  5. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
  6. Thank you notes
  7. Just say thank you (but make sure to be specific on what you are thankful for)
  8. Post about your techs on social media
  9. Give a thoughtful and personalized gift
  10. Take them out to lunch or bring lunch to the shop
  11. Give them an extra break or some time off
  12. Treat your techs and their families to an offsite event
  13. Bring in a food truck for the day at the shop
  14. Trick out the breakroom (i.e., lights, snacks, soda, games, etc.)
  15. Ask your techs what they would like

There are TONS of ways that you can show your technicians you care about them and the work that they do. Get creative and have some fun with it!

Tips on How to Properly Recognize Your Shop’s Technicians

“There are three things that need to happen to properly recognize someone: It needs to happen at the right time, in the right way, and with the right reward.”

Anna Straus, CEO, Sparck
How Employee Recognition Can Make or Break Your Shop, Beyond the Wrench Podcast

Be Timely

You have to find a balance between informal day-to-day recognition and celebrating milestones. Being timely with your recognition shows that you value the tech’s work and are paying attention, rather than just focusing on results.

Cater to Preferences

Get to know your technicians and how they like to be recognized to deliver a meaningful thank you. Some people like to be publicly recognized, while others would like a more private exchange.

Correct Reward

Make sure your recognition reward matches the work done. Someone who just celebrated 20 years with the shop would probably appreciate a company lunch party, rather than just a verbal congrats.

Be Specific & Sincere

When recognizing a job well done, don’t get caught up on the reward and forget about the specifics. Improve the power of the recognition by calling out what impressed you, how it impressed you, etc.