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Do you struggle with test anxiety? Don’t worry — ASE’s Renewal App is making it easier for technicians to stay up-to-date on their training. On this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Kevin Lekas, Project Manager, Special Testing Programs at ASE to explain anything and everything you need to know about ASE’s new recertification App.

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Understanding the Purpose of ASE’s Renewal App

  • ASE’s Renewal App is not just another version of testing. It was created to be a maintenance tool on certification expiration dates and be a learning tool.
  • The app identifies gaps in a technician’s knowledge and gives them the resources they need to train on those skills and make them a better technician.
  • Two main reasons why the app was created:
    • Leading edge technology: Bring awareness to the aftermarket that new systems are coming, and we need to be prepared on how the systems work.
    • Reinforce concepts technicians struggle with: Identify skills technicians may be lacking. Then, they’ll know the training they need to do.
  • Being able to get recertified completely through the app takes away a lot of the stress that comes with test-taking.
  • The questions aren’t designed to trick technicians. If they have worked as a technician for at least two years, they should be able to answer the questions correctly.

Question Creation Process and How to Prepare For an ASE Test

  • ASE doesn’t create their own questions, They put it in the hands of knowledgeable people in the industry.
  • ASE uses diversity in the question creation groups to develop questions from multiple perspectives.
    Review committees look over the questions multiple times to ensure they are strong enough to be put in the test.
    There is only one correct answer and three incorrect answers; no tricks. After every question there will be an explanation of why the answer is right and the others were wrong.
    The best way to study for an ASE test is to download the ASE test study guides. The guides have a task list that is associated with every question on the test.
    Study Tip: Put a checkmark on the study guide if you feel confident that you could do a specific task and teach it to someone. If you can teach a task to somebody else, then you know you have a clear and full understanding of the task.

Creating a Standardization Across the Industry

  • Most technicians and shops want a standardized industry. It starts with mandates of testing to become a technician.
  • Shop owners tend to ask, “What’s in it for me?” Some shop owners believe in the certification, but others think they don’t need it.
  • The ASE certification is a credential that shows customers technicians are competent and know what they’re doing. Shops can use this credential as leverage to show they are different from the shop down the street.
  • ASE is working to change the mindset of testing. They want technicians to take the test and if they don’t pass that’s ok. It doesn’t mean they are a bad tech and don’t know what they’re doing, It shows them an opportunity for where they need more training.

Tradition of Testing and Why ASE was Started

  • ASE was started because people thought technicians were being fraudulent with their work and pricing.
  • Overall, there was a problem with a lack of competency in technicians. Technicians didn’t know what they were doing and needed training.
  • ASE is about assessing skill sets and providing credentials to show that technicians are knowledgeable in the work they are doing.
  • The ASE test is similar to the bar exam for lawyers. It displays the minimum standard a technician should have to work in a shop.

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