Accepting a technician job and going for an interview are two very different things. Just because you go to an interview, act interested, and give it your full effort, it doesn’t mean you need to accept the job offer.

In any career choice, it is always a good idea to accept and attend an interview, but that is especially true for technicians. Let’s dive in!

Make New Industry Connections

Even if you aren’t sure about the shop, you can still put your best foot forward and expand your personal network by taking the interview. Keep in mind, these connections and impressions you make might lead to opportunities in the future.

Did Someone Refer You?

If a friend, colleague, or mentor recommended you to a shop or job, you should attend the interview. What you do reflects on them and if someone is willing to put in a good word, you should follow through to keep their reputation intact.

Practice Makes Perfect

Interviews are stressful and attending a “lower-stakes” interview could help you build your skills. This is because chances are if you don’t care much about the job, you will put less pressure on yourself and perform better.

What You Learn About the Shop Could Surprise You

Shops sometimes have a hard time promoting what is unique about their shop in order to attract new talent. What you miss on their WrenchWay Top Shop page or job description could surprise you and be that deciding factor you needed to actually accept the job.

It’s Good to Weigh Your Options

Sometimes you don’t get the full feel of the shop and its people until you go to the interview. After the interview when you have the full information on the shop, then you will be able to really evaluate the shop’s pros and cons so you can find the best fit for you.

*Remember to be smart when taking an interview too. Don’t waste your or the shop’s time on a position that you know you would never accept.