2021 Technician & Mechanic Statistics & Infographic: Recruiting, Training, Job Satisfaction, & More

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The technician shortage is no joke. By 2024, there will be a shortage of approximately 642,000 technicians (automotive, diesel, and collision) in the industry. But what can shops be doing to improve the trade so that more people want to enter the industry and less people want to leave? The key to answering these very

Shop Owners, Pay Technicians What They Deserve (and Here’s How)

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Shop owners, when you hire technicians, are you thinking about their long-term future at your shop, or are you thinking about what you can get out of them right now? Do you look past the technician and think about how you are supporting their ability to help take care of their family? You have to

How to Create a Technician Compensation Plan in Five Simple Steps

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I’ve shared some basic tips shops should follow as they're looking to create a benefits package for technicians. Let’s pull it all together for something that can be used to create a competitive compensation package that attracts and retains great talent. 5 Steps to Creating a Technician Compensation Package 1. It is All About Culture

Technician Compensation Plan: Choosing the Right Plan For Your Techs

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Good help is hard to find. Many shops make it harder because they fail to understand the value top talent brings to their business. My brother, who was a diesel technician and now manages the shop he works in can tell you what it's like to get help. It's damn near impossible. COVID-19 has many

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