3 Shops Taking Technician Recruiting to the Next Level

2021-07-23T08:10:50-05:00By |Hiring Process|

It’s no secret — recruiting technicians in today’s market is brutal for shops and dealerships. Nearly every shop is hiring, making it incredibly difficult to stand out to technicians as a place they want to work at. WrenchWay has worked with shops across the country in the automotive, diesel, and collision repair industries to help

How Shops Can Use Video to Recruit Technicians

2021-07-08T12:58:31-05:00By |Hiring Process|

How are you going to get your repair shop to stand out from other shops hiring technicians? Technicians are getting tired of seeing the same information in every shop's job posting. One way you can stand out from all the other shops is by including videos to help attract the right technicians. Before we get

29+ Places to Help You Find Automotive Technicians

2021-07-07T13:10:30-05:00By |Hiring Process|

Across the industry, shops are feeling the effects of the technician shortage. Finding good, qualified technicians is many shops' first priority, but how do they find them? Thankfully there isn’t a shortage of places for your shop or dealership to post and advertise your open technician positions! Time to Get Noticed — Where to

15 Tips for Writing an Effective Automotive Technician Job Posting

2021-07-02T11:30:32-05:00By |Hiring Process|

We know that finding qualified technicians is not always an easy job. This is why it is so important for shops to create a job posting that is effective at attracting the right technicians. We’ve identified some of the common errors, and came up with 15 tips on how you can write an effective automotive

Top 3 Reasons Technicians Hate Your Job Posting

2021-06-15T14:02:15-05:00By |Hiring Process|

Originally published on VehicleServicePros.com Here at WrenchWay, we've seen so many instances where shops are struggling to get their job postings in front of technicians. With the technician shortage, you want to ensure that your job posting is leaving a solid first impression on technicians. Unfortunately, what we see is the majority of technician job

Why Technicians Aren’t Applying to Your Shop or Dealership

2020-08-19T14:31:28-05:00By |Hiring Process|

On the Find A Wrench side of our business, we’ve worked with many shops and dealerships to get their jobs in front of technicians and help them attract great techs to their shop. Going up against a technician shortage, it’s never an easy task to find and attract quality technicians to any shop or dealership.

Why It Take Shops Forever to Respond to Techs For a Job

2020-07-28T08:43:39-05:00By |Hiring Process|

Applying for a new job can be a really stressful process to go through. You find a shop that looks great, fits what you want and seems almost too good to be true. After reading through all of their perks and benefits, you are pumped to get started. Excitedly, you fill out an application and

What to Wear For a Technician or Mechanic Job Interview

2020-07-22T10:32:47-05:00By |Hiring Process|

A question we get fairly often is asking what a technician should wear to a job interview. From a technician's standpoint, the first thing that you need to understand is that there isn't an exact answer to this. Based on the various Facebook groups I look through, lots of people seem to have their opinions

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