What is WrenchWay?

The majority of qualified technicians are already employed, but studies show nearly 75% are open to new opportunities. The challenge for shops is getting their attention and getting them to apply.

Company websites and Facebook pages are written for customers — as they should be. Postings on job boards all look the same and don’t provide the information technicians care about.

WrenchWay is a centralized platform where technicians can browse profiles of top shops in their area and find the detailed information they really care about.

How WrenchWay Works

Technicians search for top shops in their area, and click on the ones they want to learn more about. Once technicians find a shop they’re interested in, they can apply for any open position or simply contact the shop through WrenchWay.

Each top shop profile includes the following information:

  • About the shop
  • Photos and descriptions of the shop area
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Work environment
  • Career development
  • Hiring process
  • Open positions
  • Contact information


For Technicians

For Technicians

Curious what it’s like working at shops in your area? With WrenchWay, all the information you need to help narrow down your job search is in one place. Feel free to browse top shops in your area. We’re still in beta mode and always adding more shops, so if there’s a shop you’d like to see listed, contact us and let us know.

For Shops

For Shops

Everyone knows there’s a shortage of technicians. Becoming a top shop on WrenchWay is a great way to get in front of more technicians, and show them why your shop is a great place to work.

Interested in Becoming a Top Shop?

Technicians want complete information in one central platform, so we only work with shops that are willing to complete our full profile. Check out one of our featured shops to see what information we require.

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