Following Shops

WrenchWay users can now easily stay up-to-date with the shops they care most about and communicate directly with them privately. It’s a great way to keep in touch with shops, even if you aren’t ready to apply.

Things You Can Do With Shops You’re Following

Privately message with shops

Interested in a shop, but not quite ready to apply? Need more information that isn’t available on the shop’s job posting or Top Shop page? Private messaging on WrenchWay allows you to message directly with the shop to get your questions answered.

Privately message with shops interface
Set a private status and bio

Want to see what opportunities are out there and if shops are interested in what you have to offer (without making it publicly known)? Set a private status and headline on WrenchWay that is only seen by shops you choose. You can even set different statuses and headlines for different shops.

Set a private status and bio interface
Create and save private notes about each shop

Private notes are a great way to, well, make notes about a shop. Maybe they have an interesting career development plan that you want to remember. Or, maybe you like how they’ve structured their compensation package. Private notes ensure you won’t lose this information and have it accessible anytime you want it.

Create and save private notes about each shop interface