Find Out Why WrenchWay is a Better Way to Hire Automotive & Diesel Technicians

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 1pm CT

WrenchWay Live Group Demo

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 1pm CT

Join our monthly group demo to learn how WrenchWay can help you:

  • Find and attract technicians with a Top Shop page that helps you show off your shop, gives you unlimited job postings, plus a guarantee of 10 qualified applicants.

  • Connect with schools on one platform and easily see how you can support their auto, diesel, and CTE programs and connect with their students.

  • Promote and improve the industry by representing the top shops and dealerships across the country.

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What Our Customers Say

“One of the greatest needs we have in this industry is technician recruitment. To have a partner like WrenchWay help us with that recruitment is very valuable and we appreciate that relationship.”

Dan Sunderland, Owner, Sun Motor Cars

“How would a technician hours away find a car dealership in Louisville, Texas, without WrenchWay? They certainly wouldn’t have with what we had in the past. We are proud to say that the technician we hired moved with their family, started working, and has done a wonderful job. They fit in really well.”

Craig BowenCraig Bowen, Vice President of Fixed Operations, Boardwalk Auto Group

“WrenchWay connects more with technicians, which was what we were needing. I can go to almost any personnel place and hire a secretary, a warehouse person, or other office staff. Technicians are really hard to find. So you have to find somebody who has some kind of connection, and I know WrenchWay does a lot with technicians.”

Tiffany ScheradoTiffany Scherado, Co-Owner and Office Manager, Life Transmissions

“Our experience has been amazing! WrenchWay has helped us grow our shop and allowed us to reach out to the Seattle School District to get more exposure. Also, WrenchWay has helped us fully staff our shop for both Honda and Toyota!”

Melissa MillerMelissa Miller, COO & General Manager, Honda of Seattle & Toyota of Seattle

“I have loved following you and the team. You have filled a hiring void for the entire industry. The path is now set and y’all are walking the walk. Thanks for all you do!”

Craig Zale, President, Craig’s Car Care