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WrenchWay Celebrates Three Years—An Inside Look at the Good, the Bad, & The Ugly

About the Webinar

Join us as we share the unfiltered truth about WrenchWay’s three-year journey in the automotive & diesel industry. In this candid session, we  dive deep into the challenges, triumphs, and valuable lessons learned along the way.

It’s been a rollercoaster, and we’re at a point in our business where we’re ready to share some hard truths that shops and dealerships need to hear. In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Where we’re at as a business
  • What needs to change in order for this industry to thrive
  • And more

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The Presenters

Headshot of Jay Goninen
Jay Goninen

Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay

Mark Wilson Headshot
Mark Wilson

Co-Founder & CEO, WrenchWay

Sara Kerwin

Director of Marketing, WrenchWay