Sponsor a TechMission Local Event

We’re looking for shops and dealers who treat their technicians well. This is a great way to not only support the industry, but also gain exposure to over 300 local technicians, service advisors, students, and other industry professionals. This is a weeklong virtual event, so no need to take off work.

TechMission Local Event Sponsorship ($600) includes:

  • Inclusion in the Local TechMission Shop Showcase
  • Listed as a sponsor on event materials
  • Access to data gathered from the Voice of Technician survey
  • Ability to nominate your shop and/or team members for the WrenchWay Awards
  • 1 year WrenchWay Top Shop membership (Reg. $1,800)

Fill out the form to secure your sponsorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become a sponsor?

The cost is $600 per location. This also includes a year long WrenchWay Top Shop membership. You can also upgrade to the premium version for an extra $300.

How many people will be attending?

We are expecting at least 300 industry professionals for each local event. This includes local technicians, service advisors, students, and other industry professionals.

Why is this a virtual event?

We put on a lot of events throughout the year, and by far the hardest part is finding a time that works for everyone. We wanted to create an event where technicians can get the full value without having to take off work. Similarly, we know shops are busy and might not be able to afford to send staff to an in-person event. We designed everything to be engaging for all, but attended on their own time whether that is 5:00am, 3:00pm, midnight, or any other time.

When is the event?

Most of our TechMission Local Events will take place September 18-22. Check your chapter’s page to find the dates of your event. We will also be adding more locations soon.

Is this for auto or diesel?

The events cover automotive, collision, diesel, and heavy equipment.

How much work is involved for a sponsor?

After signing up, you will be asked to create your Top Shop page. (Here’s an example.) It typically takes shops about 30 minutes to complete the page. That’s all that is needed prior to the event.

You can choose to participate in other ways, if you’d like, such as nominating someone for a WrenchWay Award. During the event, you will not need to send anyone to a location since it is virtual. However, we do recommend that you respond to any questions or applications that come through from technicians or others in a timely manner throughout the duration of the event.

What is the Shop Showcase?

Think of the Shop Showcase like a booth at a career fair, but significantly better! We will show attendees a list of all participating shops, so they can check out their Top Shop pages. They can then apply if interested, or send you a message if they have questions. They will also be asked to fill out a brief survey about your shop. You will receive all feedback, and it won’t be shared publicly or with anyone else. All of this is a great way to get technicians and others to check out your shop and see what you have to offer. A WrenchWay representative will help get you set up with everything well before the event starts.

Is there a way to incentivize more people to check out my Top Shop page?

Just like an in-person event, you can incentivize attendees to check out your page by offering a small prize for reviewing your shop. We find the best approach is to do a drawing for something worth about $100. You can do more or less, or you don’t have to offer any prize at all. If you’d like to do a gift card, we can manage all of that for you as well. A WrenchWay representative will get you set up with everything well before the event starts.

Will the feedback about my shop be shared publicly?

No, the feedback is for your eyes only. This leads to more honest feedback from technicians.

What is the Voice of Technician Survey and will I be able to see the results?

In order to improve the industry, we need to listen to technicians. As part of these local events, we’ve created a 10-minute survey for technicians to complete. Everything is anonymous. We then gather that information, analyze it, and share it with our shop members. We are providing some amazing prizes to help incentivize and reward individuals for participating.

What is the 50/50 drawing?

Similarly to the Voice of Technician survey, there are things shops want to ask technicians. We made an easy way for shops to post poll questions for technicians and other industry professionals to answer. This is also a great way for your shop to gain followers. Individuals who answer questions get an entry into a drawing for $1,000. The lucky winner will receive $500 and then they get to pick a local high school to give the other $500 to. This is one activity you can start on right away—No need to wait until the event.

What is the Recognition Room?

We need more positivity in the industry. Yes, there are many things we need to fix, but there are so many things and people we should be celebrating. We wanted to create a fun space where people can publicly recognize and thank someone. This might be a co-worker, instructor, manager, or anyone else helping make the industry a great place to work. Posts will be displayed publicly for everyone to enjoy.

What does a year long WrenchWay Top Shop membership include?

Most shops would agree the sponsorship fee for the Local TechMission Event easily provides more value than the amount we charge. But, we wanted to go a step further and also include a year long WrenchWay Top Shop membership. This is a great way for you to attract technicians all year round while also helping to promote and improve the industry. Visit our website to see what’s all included in a Top Shop membership.