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  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo
  • Kenco Fleet Services - Decatur shop photo

Under The Hood

Is the shop heated? Air conditioned?

Shop is heated.

What is the size of the team I’d be working with?

Our team has a Service Manager on site, a Lead Technician and 11 Forklift Technicians.

What are the shop hours and what are the shift timeframes?

Shop hours are from 5:30AM to 10:00PM. Shift 1 is 5:30AM to 1:30PM Shift 2 is 1:30PM to 10:00PM

What tools does the shop provide that are available for all technicians to use?

We would provide specialty tools for the shop

What type of break room facility is provided?

There are two picnic tables, small fridge, microwave, vending machines, and ice machine for breaks

How many bays does your shop have?


How many repair orders do you average per month?


What is your parts ordering process?

Kenco Fleet Services has an internal parts department. Technicians have a specific parts manager they order through.

What is your policy on side work?

Kenco employees are permitted to engage in secondary work in addition to their employment with Kenco as long as it in no way affects their job performance.

Do you offer any skills training or continuing education opportunities?

Our ongoing education program is centered around Toyota Forklift Training, ensuring our technicians receive top-tier certification. Our comprehensive training begins with an intensive 3 to 4-day course, laying the foundation for certification. Beyond initial certification, we provide continuous learning opportunities tailored to different proficiency levels. Our technicians can pursue Bronze, Silver, and Gold certifications, empowering them to continually enhance their skills and expertise.

Can you describe opportunities for career growth at your business?

We strongly believe in prioritizing the career growth and development of our technicians. Our commitment lies in fostering internal talent, as we place high value on promoting from within our organization. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive training programs designed to cultivate leadership skills within our teams

Can you describe your performance review process?

All employees have yearly performance reviews that will include standardized sets of goals.

What type of safety training is required?

After being hired, we will provide comprehensive training for forklift operation and Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) operation. Additionally, we will cover Kenco's standard safety training requirements. Any site-specific training needs will be addressed according to the customer's specifications.

Can you describe how Techs work with and mentor younger techs?

At Kenco, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional first-year experience program designed to ensure our new employees hit the ground running. Central to this program is our mentorship initiative, where each new hire is paired with a seasoned mentor who guides them through their initial weeks with us. During their first week, new technicians receive personalized attention from our Operations Manager, who dedicates time to work with them one-on-one, providing invaluable insights and support. Additionally, they are paired with a veteran technician who shares their wealth of experience to address any challenges or questions that may arise.

How does your shop get involved with the local community?

Kenco welcomes associates raising up and helping local organizations, while our formal company-wide focus is United Way and the Feeding America Network. Our sites are also empowered to participate in other community outreach in their local areas.

Do you do anything with local high schools or tech schools to encourage more students to enter the profession?

Yes, we are currently working on partnering with high schools and tech schools so we can offer students a unique perspective on career paths in forklift maintenance and repairs, as well as provide them with valuable insights into the growing opportunities within our industry. We are always open to hosting informational sessions, participating in career development workshops, career fairs, donations or any other collaborative initiatives that align the schools goals.

Where do you see the shop in five years?

Kenco Fleet Services is experiencing rapid expansion, poised for significant growth over the next five years.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about career development and community?

At Kenco Fleet Services, fostering internal growth is a priority. We are committed to promoting from within our talented team. Our comprehensive professional development program includes a range of classes tailored to empower our employees, including our esteemed Emerging Leaders Program. This initiative is designed for individuals who demonstrate a strong eagerness and ambition to evolve into leadership roles within our organization.

Do you have an application form and how long does it typically take to complete?

We ask candidate to apply to our website. It only takes a few minutes to apply and can be done from your mobile device.

Do you phone screen applicants before doing in-person interviews?

Yes, our talent acquisition partner will schedule a quick phone screening to discuss the position and candidate's background further. We can schedule this call during a time that best fits the candidates schedule.

What do your in-person interviews entail?

Our in-person interviews are conducted with a Service Manager and a Lead Technician if our site has one.

Do you perform background checks, drug screening, or personality tests before hiring an applicant?

Yes, we perform both a background check and require a drug screening prior to start date.

Do you perform a skill assessment before hiring an applicant? If yes, what does it entail?

No, but our Service Managers will ask thorough skill questions to gauge experience.

After an in-person interview, approximately how long should I expect to wait for a rejection or an offer?

Within a couple of days.

Approximately how long does the full hiring process take from submitting the application to the time of the hiring decision?

We usually try to work through the process quickly. Most of our managers will reach out within a day or two after receiving the resume

Forklift Technician - Service Technician I Pay Range: $20.00 - $26.00/hour

Technicians are paid by the hour and receive weekly pay.

Forklift Mechanic - Service Technician II Pay Range: $27.00 - $32.00/hour

Technicians are paid by the hour and receive weekly pay.

Health Insurance Offered
Benefit starts day one! No waiting period. Kenco's medical plan is offered through Cigna and is combined with an HRA (benefit fund) administered by Garner Health. Individual and family plans available. Kenco is partnered with TextCare. TextCare is available at NO COST to Kenco employees enrolled in Kenco's Medical Plan, along with their enrolled dependents.
Dental Insurance Offered
Kenco dental insurance provides employees and their families with access to quality dental care for preventative services as well as reduced out-of-pocket cost for basic and major services. Kenco contributes towards the total premium. Kenco's dental insurance provider is Delta Dental.
Vision Insurance Offered
Through a national provider network, vision benefits are available to employees and their eligible dependents to cover: lenses for glasses, frames, contacts, and routine care (such as exams). Kenco is pleased to offer a voluntary vision plan through VSP.
Retirement Plan Offered
Company 401K Match - Kenco offers a discretionary match, currently 0.75 for every $1.00 contributed up to 4% of your gross earnings.
Sick Leave Not Offered
Vacation Offered
Paid Time Off - Kenco employees begin to accrue paid time off immediately upon hire and can begin using after 90 days of employment. Taking time off is important for maintaining a positive work life balance which Kenco fully supports.
Paid Holidays Offered
Paid Holidays - In addition to paid time off, Kenco also provides 80 hours of holiday pay each calendar year. Specific dates are determined by individual work location.
ST / LT Disability Offered
Both short-term and long-term disability coverage is offered.
Life Insurance Offered
The Employee Basic Term Life insurance is provided through Cigna. Kenco pays for this benefit for all eligible full-time employees. Kenco also provides base life insurance for your eligible dependents. The benefit amount for your spouse and your children (age 6 months to 26) is $2,000, while $1,000 is paid for children aged 14 days to 6 months.
Uniforms Offered
Keno shirts are provided. Kenco Fleet provides a yearly $350 reimbursement for boots and pants.
Other Not Offered

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How frequently do you conduct safety inspections of your workspace and equipment to ensure a secure working environment?

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