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About Us

AAMCO of Beaumont is a local company with a nationwide presence, and we understand that our reputation is tied to each and every customer who walks through our doors, which is why we make sure to provide honest, thorough, and complete service to everyone.


  • Office Front
  • Service Bays
  • Front Office
  • Front Office Work Area
  • Builders Workstation
  • Techs Workstation
  • Work Flow Scheduling
  • Vehicle Programming
  • Builders Room
  • Diesel Service
  • Service Bays
  • Service Bays
  • Transmission Inspection

Under The Hood

Is the shop heated? Air conditioned?

22' eve height to get heat up off the production floor and exhausted out the back. Propane heaters for winter. Also a 12' x 56" Air Conditioned Builders Room with 3 Computer Work Stations with access to AllData, Identifix, AAMCO Technical Support, and all Parts Vendors.

What is the size of the team I’d be working with?

Our team consists of 2 Service Writers and a Service Assistant, 1 ASE Master Tech,1 Line Tech, and a Transmission Builder/Line Tech.

What are the shop hours and what are the shift timeframes?

Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 5:30PM

What tools does the shop provide that are available for all technicians to use?

All heavy equipment provided, diagnostic scanners, and specialty equipment. If we don't have what you need, we will buy it.

What type of break room facility is provided?

Fridge, microwave, stove with oven, tables, chairs, coffee pot.

How many bays does your shop have?

We have six bays with 4 - 10,000# two post lifts, 1 - 15,000# two post lift, 1 - 18,000# four post lift. We also have 2 - 10,000# two post lifts and 1 - 25,000# four post lifts outside.

How many repair orders do you average per month?


What is your parts ordering process?

Techs recommendations are reviewed by Service Advisor and after sold job is scheduled based on parts availability and ordered online.

What is your policy on side work?

No side work on our customers or potential customers.

Are there any other unique features of the work environment worth noting?

Our technician resource area with computer work stations. Paid 30 minute AAMCO live Technical Training every Wednesday at 11:00AM as well as periodic paid Live AAMCO Tech Training from 4:00PM - 6:00PM on two consecutive afternoons.

Do you offer any skills training or continuing education opportunities?

Weekly training as well as AAMCO University online training This is a continual process, and we pay for all of it. Whatever's out there that is the right fit for continued education we will take advantage of it. This is not forced on our techs but highly encouraged. We also have lots of online training opportunities. ASE's not required to get a job but we will want techs to work their way towards certifications.

Can you describe opportunities for career growth at your business?

We will help techs setup up career paths and goals. This is encouraged in our shop, we have a trainee program we use as well. We are willing to take junior techs and train them all the way to master certified levels.

Can you describe your performance review process?

Based on obtaining online course completion and ASE continued certification

What type of safety training is required?

We are currently working with the Loss Control Department of our Insurance Carrier on focused safety training

Can you describe how Techs work with and mentor younger techs?

Senior techs will work with junior tech when time permits. This includes assistance on repairs, and answering questions that techs may have.

How does your shop get involved with the local community?

We work with local Churches and Non-Profits to assist with transportation repairs for those needy persons that need a helping hand.

Do you do anything with local high schools or tech schools to encourage more students to enter the profession?

We would love to but no High Schools in our area have these programs.

Where do you see the shop in five years?

In our 20 years of service we have continued a steady growth and expansion of our services and expect to continue that growth as our industry evolves. AAMCO Beaumont is consistently 20%+ higher than the chain average sales. Our goal is to see 10% - 15% froth year over year.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about career development and community?

We want the technician that has the desire to start with us, set up a career path, and train all the way up to their master certifications. We will do all we can to help accommodate that in any way we can.

Do you have an application form and how long does it typically take to complete?

Paper form for more junior techs, resumes are used for the more experienced techs. and reviewed.

Do you phone screen applicants before doing in-person interviews?

We do phone screens, but also use texting and emailing to set up appoints and to get questions answered. The phone screen is basic touching on background, certifications, experience.

What do your in-person interviews entail?

Always with Service Manager and Owners. We dive deeper into the techs background, experience and certifications. We also want to get to know the techs personality and hobbies as well to see if they will be a fit.

Do you perform background checks, drug screening, or personality tests before hiring an applicant?


Do you perform a skill assessment before hiring an applicant? If yes, what does it entail?

No formal assessment, will be required to have a minimum tool list accepted, Valid Texas Drivers license, be insurable with our insurance carrier, and a 90 day probationary period.

After an in-person interview, approximately how long should I expect to wait for a rejection or an offer?

2 weeks at the most

Approximately how long does the full hiring process take from submitting the application to the time of the hiring decision?

2 weeks at the most, sooner for the right fit.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about your hiring process?

Experience is key for us right now, as well as a personality that fits our shop.

A Level Technician
A Level Technicians are highly skilled technicians that have strengths in their diagnostic and mechanical ability. This level of technician typically has many years of experience and education. We view an A Level Technician as the highest skilled technician in a shop
Pay Range: $70,000 - $90,000/year

Flat rate system Based on experience and certifications Whatever you can produce. Sky is the limit.

B Level Technician
B Level Technicians are skilled in mechanical repair and, while not their specialty, have some diagnostic skills. B Level Technicians generally have a fair amount of experience and can be trusted to handle most repairs.
Pay Range: $50,000 - $70,000/year

Flat rate system Based on experience and certifications

C Level Technician
C Level Technicians are more of entry level technicians. C Level Technicians’ responsibilities typically include basic maintenance, alignments, brake and suspension work, along with other base level repairs.
Pay Range: $40,000 - $50,000/year

Flat rate system with guarantee Based on experience and certifications

Service Advisor
Service Advisors are primarily customer focused and, as one of the faces of the shop, they are critical in keeping customers happy. Service Advisors are frequently focused on taking customer calls, relaying information to technicians, and selling repair jobs. Both technical and sales experience are helpful for this position.
Pay Range: $50,000 - $95,000/year ($24.04 - $45.67/hr)

Commission based on collected sales. Want to make more just sell more.

Transmission Builder Pay Range: $50,000 - $80,000/year

Flat rate system Based on ecperience and certifications

Health Insurance Offered
Group Health 50% paid for employee
Dental Insurance Offered
Offered at group rate
Vision Insurance Offered
Offered at group rate
Retirement Plan Not Offered
Sick Leave Offered
Sick leave will be included in time off (see vacation below)
Vacation Offered
5 days after 12 months continuous service 10 days after 36 months continuous service 15 days after 120 months continuous service
Paid Holidays Offered
New Year, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
ST / LT Disability Offered
Offered at group rate
Life Insurance Offered
Offered at group rate
Uniforms Offered
Other Offered
Paid weekly training ASE, ATRA, & ATSG certification reimbursement upon successful completion Employee Discounts Time off to vote Bereavement Leave

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