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Waubonsee's Automotive Technology Program is nationally certified, fully accredited, and has been recognized nearly 20 times by national, regional and local organizations. Hands-on training is a key element of the curriculum, and you’ll interact with experienced, dedicated faculty in our state-of-the-art, 18,000-square-foot automotive lab. Waubonsee’s Automotive Technology Program can provide strong mechanical aptitude and a sound understanding of automotive electronics and computer controls, so you can become a skilled problem solver who quickly and accurately diagnoses and repairs the most hard-to-find problems. Upon graduation, you’ll have developed high-demand skills, networked with industry partners, and be ready to pursue an additional degree or start on the road to a successful career in automotive technology.


  • Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos visits WCC's Automotive program to learn first hand about the industry.
  • Student Jeremy Sullivan working on NHRA Randy Meyer's racing team.
  • Waubonsee's Automotive Signing Day- We welcome students that pledge to our program and working in the automotive field.
  • A few of Waubonsee's automotive instructors.
  • Waubonsee graduates that work at Navistar in the service information division.

Under The Hood

Provide a quick overview of the program (i.e., time to complete, credits, type of degree, etc.).

Automotive technology experts are consistently in demand in a field that continues to grow — along with technology’s impact on vehicles. Waubonsee’s Automotive Technology Program can provide strong mechanical aptitude and a sound understanding of automotive electronics and computer controls, so you can become a skilled problem solver who quickly and accurately diagnoses and repairs the most hard-to-find problems. Our program can help you accelerate your career, regardless of what direction you decide to take. Our program is a 2 year degree program that requires 65 credit hours to achieve an Associates of Applied Science Degree.

Is this a full or part time program?

Our program can be a full-time or part-time.

Describe how classes are conducted (i.e, in-person, online, in the shop, etc.).

Our classes are all in-person classes. We do most of our training in the shop working on live vehicles so students get a real world hands-on experience.

What does the program cost?

Our total degree program that is 2 years worth of training and awards an Associate of Applied Science degree costs just over $9000.

What types of financial assistance or scholarships are available?

We offer scholarships and accept federal and outside student aid.

Describe the application process and eligibility.

Our program is available to anyone interested and to apply, simply visit www.waubonsee.edu to submit a new student information form.

What types of work-based learning opportunities do you offer?

We encourage all of our students to work in the industry to obtain experience while in classes so they can continue to hone skills and be exposed to more of the industry.

Describe your annual placements (i.e., number of students, percent who find a job in the industry, etc.).

We have space for 80 students per year in our program. Most of our student's are employed in the industry while attending our classes, and we have a number of companies that recruit our students for employment while they are in school.

What types of salaries can students expect after graduating and as they advance in their career?

Most students are starting at the $15-20 per hour with little or no experience, and some of our students are making well over $70k per year if they have experience.

Is there anything unique about your program that you’d like to mention?

Our program focuses on live work to ensure students get real world experience. We also have an articulation agreement with Southern Illinois University for students to transfer in as a junior after completing our program. They then obtain their bachelors's of automotive degree from SIU.

What general and specialty tools does the school provide?

We provide all current tools and equipment so our students learn on the tools and equipment that they will be using in the field. We have over 10 different scan tools, and 5 different types of digital storage oscilloscopes.

What tools, if any, is a student responsible for providing?

Basic hand tools only.

When in the lab, how much one-on-one time does an instructor get with each student?

It varies based on the day and the lesson.

What is the split between time spent in the classroom versus hands-on learning?

We are about 30% classroom and 70% lab/shop.

What does the school do to ensure students stay safe while in the lab?

Follow all industry safety standards.

What types of processes does the lab have to ensure a clean working environment?

Daily clean up and posted clean up requirements.

Does the school have access to factory software? If so, please explain.

Yes, we have access to Mopar/FCA and Mercedes software.

What types of service and parts software are available for the students to access?

ALLDATA, Shop Key, Indentifix

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about the lab environment?

We work on and train on live vehicles so students get experience on real life issues on vehicles.

Transportation Technology Classes/Automotive Electives

Automotive Recycling Automotive Parts Specialist Classic Car Care and Service Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Light Duty Diesel Vehicle Engine Service 1 Light Duty Diesel Vehicle Engine Service 2

Automotive Technology Degree- 2nd Year

Automotive Service Advisor Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles Advanced Brakes and Suspension Systems Applied Automotive Fuels and Electricity Service Shop Operations Advanced Engine Control Systems Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Automotive Accessories and Diagnostics

Automotive Technology Degree- 1st Year

Maintenance And Light Repair Engine Service 1 Automotive Power Trains Automotive Brake Systems Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Engine Service 2 Automotive Suspension and Wheel Alignment Automotive Ignition Systems Automotive Fuel and Emission Systems

Guy Tiberio

I have been teaching automotive technology since 2004. Prior to that, I attended Waubonsee Community College for automotive technology and then completed my bachelors degree in Automotive technology at Southern Illinois University. I have been working as a professional technician in a variety of shops since 1999. I taught high school automotive for 10 years at Oswego East High School. I then moved to Waubonsee Community College as a full time automotive instructor. My specialties are engines, advanced diagnostics, and hybrid and electric vehicles. I still work in the field to ensure I remain current with technology so that I can prepare the best curriculum for my students. I also specialize in high performance automotive building and fabrication. I am an Master ASE Certified Technician, Advanced Level Technician (L1 and L3) and hold G1 and X1 certifications. I also hold many other industry recognized certifications.

Ken Kunz

Automotive Professional Training/Development - Mopar Cap Local Level 0 and 1 - Mercedes Entry level Technician Training - NC3 Professional Certifications in numerous areas - Master ASE Automotive: A-1-A8 - L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist - X1 Exhaust Specialist - Service Consultant - P2 Parts Specialist - ASE 609 - NATEF/ASE Evaluation Team leader 1996 - present - SkillsUSA Advisor 1996 til present Professional Memberships · MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) · AERA (Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association) · ATRI Automotive Truck Recyclers of Illinois · ICAIA (Illinois College Automotive Instructors Association) · ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association)

Tyler Friedland

Since a young age, I was obsessed with anything that had at least 2 wheels and an engine. I was always helping my dad in the garage when I was younger and naturally started taking auto shop classes in high school. After high school I came to Waubonsee Community College where I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the automotive industry. While in school, I was working in the field as a technician. Following advice from my instructors at Waubonsee, I transferred to Southern Illinois University where I received my Bachelors Degree in Automotive Technology. After graduating I accepted a position with Navistar, as a technical service representative. I got into teaching the following year and have never looked back! I have been an automotive instructor since 2014 in both in a high school and at the college level. I teach Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Diesel, Hybrid, and Electrical classes here at Waubonsee. When I am not teaching I crew with a couple of drag racing teams during the summer months for fun! I am ASE master certified (A1-A9) as well as hold many other manufacture certifications.

Shop Talk

An introduction to Waubonsee's Award Winning Automotive Technology Program.

Automotive Careers and How Waubonsee Can Prepare You For The Automotive Industry.