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Under The Hood

Is the shop heated? Air conditioned?

Shop is heated

What is the size of the team I’d be working with?

We have about 14-15 man team

What are the shop hours and what are the shift timeframes?

8:00am.-5:00pm. Monday-Friday NO WEEKENDS!!!!

What tools does the shop provide that are available for all technicians to use?

We provide all materials and major equipment needed We also have an apprentice tool program to help entry level technicians build their set

What type of break room facility is provided?

Fridge, microwave, coffee maker, table, chairs

How many bays does your shop have?


How many repair orders do you average per month?


What is your parts ordering process?

We've been trying to order parts a head of time to find out if something is back ordered. We have a dedicated parts guy who completes our ordering and runs parts to the technicians

What is your policy on side work?

Based on manager approval

Do you offer any skills training or continuing education opportunities?

We work with a local career center. We will provide training as needed and we set up a tool program for techs starting a new career. Trainings are paid for, or reimbursed, by our company

Can you describe opportunities for career growth at your business?

There's always room for growth at Ed Martin. As long as our employees work hard, have good attendance, and show an interest in advancing their career we will work with them to achieve their goals

Can you describe your performance review process?

Reviews are provided when needed. There's no formal date for reviews. If we think some one is working hard and deserves a raise, or if there's issues in the shop, we can provide reviews at that time or at the employee's request

What type of safety training is required?

KPA comes in and does specific trainings twice a year

Can you describe how Techs work with and mentor younger techs?

Experienced technicians will work side-by-side with more junior techs when time permits. They'll be available to answer questions and help with repairs when needed

How does your shop get involved with the local community?

Local donations to our career center

Do you do anything with local high schools or tech schools to encourage more students to enter the profession?

We take part in local high school career fairs and contribute to our local career centers by bringing technicians in the shop to see if it's something they want to do

Do you phone screen applicants before doing in-person interviews?

We would rather do interviews in-person

What do your in-person interviews entail?

Our manager completes the in-person interviews. Discussions include, experience, certifications, attendance, career path, and candidates interests. We also provide a shop tour at the end

Do you perform background checks, drug screening, or personality tests before hiring an applicant?

We perform background checks

Do you perform a skill assessment before hiring an applicant? If yes, what does it entail?

No formal skills assessment. Skill set is discussed during the interview process

After an in-person interview, approximately how long should I expect to wait for a rejection or an offer?

Couple of days

Approximately how long does the full hiring process take from submitting the application to the time of the hiring decision?

Couple of days

Collision Technician - A Level Pay Range: $50,000.00 - $150,000.00/year

Based on background and certifications

Collision Technician - B Level Pay Range: $30,000.00 - $65,000.00/year

Based on background and certifications

Health Insurance Offered
Multiple options depending on your needs and those of your family. Free wellness check annually. Family plans are very competitive plus up to an $800 HRA card.
Dental Insurance Offered
Multiple options depending on your needs and those of your family.
Vision Insurance Offered
Multiple options depending on your needs and those of your family.
Retirement Plan Offered
Match offered after 6 months of employment. Match 50% match up to 6% of your income.
Sick Leave Not Offered
Vacation Offered
2 PTO days after 6 months of full time employment 5 PTO days after 1 year of full time employment 10 PTO days after 2 years of full time employment 15 PTO days after 5 years of full time employment 20 PTO days after 10 years of full time employment Students enrolled in automotive training may qualify for PTO and tool program
Paid Holidays Offered
Paid holidays available to full time employees. All major holidays (New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
ST / LT Disability Offered
Disability insurance both short term and long term are available to employee.
Life Insurance Offered
Company paid life insurance. Additional term insurance available.
Uniforms Offered
Uniforms are provided for most job positions.
Other Offered
Critical care insurance available. Pet insurance is available.

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