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Service Advisor

General Summary

The Volkswagen Service Consultant sells and schedules needed service work in the service department. The Service Consultant must deal with customer needs relating to the service or repair of their Volkswagen vehicles while ensuring each customer is treated as an individual, with care and respect. The Service Consultant must also be mindful of body shop loading and act on value-added opportunities.


Duties and Responsibilities

Deliver Value for the Customer

  • Establishes and maintains good working relationships with customers to encourage repeat and referral business.
  • Ensures that customer complaints are handled tactfully, promptly, with genuine concern, and according to the dealership’s guidelines.
  • Creates an environment where customers are regularly apprised of the current situation.
  • Takes the initiative to provide outstanding customer experience, even if it requires overcoming obstacles.
  • Ensures that each and every customer encounter is consistent with the Volkswagen VOW.
  • Greets and accommodates walk-in customers promptly; provides timely, friendly, professional service.
  • Provides excellent customer experience by listening to customer inquiries and requests, asking questions to identify service needs, resolving customer concerns, and sells additional services when appropriate.
  • Maintains an effective appointment system to verify customer problems, recommend/sell additional services, and properly and accurately communicate customer concerns.
  • Contacts customers to remind them of service appointments and/or when scheduled maintenance is due.
  • Answers all customer telephone calls promptly, courteously, and makes every effort to satisfy the caller’s inquiry; assists in diagnosing vehicle problems.
  • Estimates cost and completion time/settles customer accounts.
  • Consults with a technician or manager to ensure that the specifications of the work to be carried out are accurately conveyed to the customer.
  • Communicates with customer about status of work; discusses vehicle work with the customer; explains completed work and all charges to customer.
  • Keeps the customer abreast of estimates and communicates with the Department Manager on warranty decisions.
  • Advises customers on the care of their cars and the value of maintaining their vehicles in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Coordinates vehicle test-drives with the customer as needed to confirm the problem and refers to test technician.
  • Looks into customer service history; refers to service history, inspects vehicle, and recommends any additional needed services.
  • Establishes customer’s method of payment; obtains credit approval if necessary.
  • Checks on progress of repair throughout the day; contacts customers regarding any changes in estimates or promised times, explains cost and time requirements in detail, and gets proper authorization before any additional repairs are performed.
  • Obtains the customer’s written approval on all repair orders at the time of the write-up or when closing additional add-on sales.
  • Obtains customer's signatures on repair orders and provides customers with a copy.
  • Inspects every finished repair order for proper completion, pricing accuracy, and legibility.
  • Reviews the invoice details with the customer.
  • Delivers the right car in perfect condition every time.
  • Identifies repeat customers and treats them accordingly.
  • Supervises all cleaning and prepping of new and used vehicles.
  • Eliminates surprises for customer by reviewing service repairs and their associated charges to ensure accuracy.
  • Calls all customers promptly after the work to ensure satisfaction; addresses and resolves customer viewpoint and service follow-up issues.
  • Implements and maintains a service-marketing program.
  • Makes sure waiting customers are comfortable.
  • Initiates additional customer follow-up in line with Volkswagen dealer standards.
  • Understands the customer service measurements used in the Volkswagen network.
  • Identifies, recommends and supports opportunities for methods/process improvement; identifies ways to improve operations and customer service.
  • Maintains a professional appearance at all times.

Meet Objectives

  • Acts quickly to implement plans; organizes work efficiently; follows up to ensure successful implementation.
  • Prioritizes work to meet demands and customer needs.
  • Coordinates activities to ensure repair work is fixed right the first time and completed on time.
  • Makes policy adjustments within the guidelines and budgets established by management.
  • Establishes "promised time." 
  • Meets or exceeds goals for add-on sales.
  • Documents all repair order changes.
  • Uses computer systems to look up customer’s service history, schedule appointments, enter repair order information, and manage information.
  • Follows up, resolves, and communicates resolution of customer concerns.
  • Maintains and updates customer records and files.
  • Makes certain that time ticket information is complete and accurate so that technician productivity can be monitored, customer delays eliminated, and repair services reconciled.
  • When necessary, assigns a particular technician to work on a vehicle.
  • Follows all service department policies and procedures.
  • Makes warranty and billing adjustments.
  • References existing manuals, publications, and other written documents to obtain needed information.
  • Schedules service appointments and obtains customer vehicle data prior to arrival when possible.
  • Provides a complete and accurate written cost estimate for labor and parts.
  • Reviews repair orders to ensure that work is completed and additional work and authorization is noted.
  • Closes repair order as appropriate.
  • Ensures that vehicles are parked in assigned areas. 
  • Assures vehicles are locked and all keys are marked and put away correctly.
  • Keeps service department forms, menus and pricing guides up-to-date.
  • Implements a quality control process to eliminate comebacks.
  • Keeps work area clean.
  • Maintains safe, working practices at all times and abides by working rules and standards set out for the Volkswagen dealership.

Create Collaborative Relationships

  • Strives for harmony and teamwork within the department and with other departments.
  • Communicates verbally and non-verbally clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm in one-on-one and group interactions.
  • Communicates regularly with members of other departments as part of the Volkswagen dealer team.
  • Asks relevant questions regarding repair or service request to ensure proper servicing of vehicle.
  • Maintains open communications with technical staff regarding job status changes.
  • Builds productive working relationships with fellow employees through clear communications.
  • Has an approachable style; fosters open communication through active listening; listens actively to understand others completely.
  • Produces accurate and clearly written documentation; writes up customer's vehicle problems accurately and clearly on repair order.
  • Works collaboratively with internal and external customers; assists other Service Consultants when needed.
  • Takes initiative to help others as needed.
  • Persuades others to accept a point of view or obtain commitment.
  • Assists customers in identifying problems and concerns so that proper service and maintenance can be specified.
  • Promotes cooperation and teamwork among technicians and support staff.
  • Notifies dispatcher of incoming work.
  • Provides additional vehicle information to technicians as needed.
  • Attends and participates in team meetings as requested.


Function During Change and Uncertainty

  • Presents self as a positive role model by demonstrating commitment to other staff, customers, dealership and company.
  • Departs from traditional ways of doing things to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Shifts priorities and goals as work demands change. 
  • Utilizes all available information to ensure proper resolution of problems; makes and implements decisions to accomplish goals and meet deadlines.
  • Recommends innovative solutions to make procedures more efficient. 
  • Maintains composure and courtesy in dealing with customers and fellow employees; resolves all disputes and difficulties with professionalism and composure.
  • Performs multiple tasks simultaneously in order to meet and exceed deadlines and expectations; maintains composure when faced with multiple demands.
  • Modifies and makes the necessary changes to policies and procedures in order to adapt to changes.
  • Effectively handles changes in the service department; implements and adapts to changes quickly and efficiently; encourages others to value change.
  • Monitors workload (and if appropriate schedule workload) to determine amount of work that can be accommodated in the service department (e.g., flat rate hours available to sell, shop capacity, services in customer demand, etc.). 
  • Maintains high ethical standards at all times.


Integrate Expertise with Business Strategy

  • Establishes knowledge base of auto industry competition.
  • Maintains an awareness of, and complies with, safety regulations and hazardous waste disposal.
  • Utilizes basic technical knowledge to develop potential cause of problems.
  • Suggests additional services that the service department offers.
  • Explains technical information about repairs to customers.
  • Keeps up-to-date on all information pertinent (e.g., dealership policies and procedures) to the Service Consultant position; acquires necessary training as required. 


Responsible for other duties as assigned and/or required by business need.

Required Competencies

The following qualities and attributes successfully characterize a professional Service Consultant:

  • Shows honesty towards customers while showing empathy for their problems and concerns.
  • Is trustworthy and easily liked by others.
  • Is well organized and thorough.
  • Clearly understands issues and demonstrates a willingness and desire to follow-through on what needs to get done.
  • Is responsible and dependable.
  • Takes ownership over problems and shows creativity in dealing with difficult problems. 
  • Is hard working and enthusiastic; fosters these attributes in others. 
  • Owns an inherent affinity towards automobiles and the Volkswagen brand in particular.

Education, training and/or state/national certifications should clearly demonstrate the possession of the competencies stated above.   

  • High School or equivalent
  • Some college or automotive/vocational training preferred
  • ASE certification preferred
  • Two years customer contact or sales experience
  • Two years in an automotive service environment preferred
  • Valid driver’s license preferred

Physical and Work Demands

The physical and work demands listed below are representative of the demands required to perform the primary duties and responsibilities of the job successfully.  Reasonable accommodations may be provided to enable the Service Consultant to perform the primary duties and responsibilities.


  • Moving about the service department
  • Using computer to look up information and write up orders
  • Bending, stretching, lifting, reaching, and climbing
  • Utilizing physical and manual dexterity
  • Driving a vehicle (if properly licensed)
  • Lifting up to 50 lbs.
  • Using equipment consistent with industry standards



  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Paint
  • Dust
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Other hazardous and non-hazardous materials
  • Extreme heat and/or cold
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