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Master Technician

Master-Level technicians: This level consists of two courses, Master Electrical Diagnosis (ST1816) and Master Drivetrain Diagnosis (ST1817). These courses will train technicians in advanced concepts and processes concerning diagnosis of BMW vehicles. Courses will concentrate on current advancements in diagnosis and technology and will provide technicians the information to become proficient at troubleshooting. 

Once the two courses are completed, enrollment into the Master-Level Hands-on Assessment becomes possible. The Master-Level HoA must be successfully completed and the technician must have an active ASE Master Automobile Technician Status at the time of review to be classified as a BMW Master-Level Technician. 

Please note that technicians who achieved BMW Master Level prior to December 31, 2017 will have until 12/31/2021 to become ASE Master Automobile Technician to maintain their BMW Master-Level status. A Master-Level Hands-on Assessment (HoA) at a BMW Training Center is required to be renewed every three years

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