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Diesel Fuel System Technician

We are seeking Diesel Fuel System Technicians to join our team and engage in the diagnosis and repair of diesel fuel injection systems and turbochargers. Are you good with your hands? Do you have the natural ability to rebuild or fix things? Then this might be the career for you! Job Responsibilities: - Perform routine servicing and overhauling of turbochargers and diesel fuel systems. - Perform precise repair and or replacement of parts in accordance with company and manufacturer recommended policies and procedures. - Verify fuel system and turbocharger repairs by using available test equipment and calibrating to specifications. - Complete required work order documentation. - Correct and safe operation of customary hand/power tools used in diesel repair. - Follow all industry safety regulations. - Continuing education as needed/approved to maintain effective service. - Operate in conformance with the requirements of the Diesel Specialties Inc quality standards. - Assist other employees both in and out of the department. - Perform other related duties and assignments as required. - Pursue innovation by Provide feedback on system needs/changes. Job Requirements: - An in-depth comprehension of diesel engines preferred - A two-year technical college degree in heavy-duty diesel mechanics (or relevant experience) preferred. - Experience using customary hand tools, air tools, computers, test equipment, parts washer, torch, welder preferred, - Good analytical and problem-solving skills Please do not discount yourself as a qualified candidate if you do not meet the above requirements. We have had many fantastic technicians throughout the years that came in with little-to-no formal education or experience in diesel mechanics. We've found that success in this role is primarily determined by a willingness to learn and a natural ability to build or fix things. Anyone with a background in agriculture or experience working within a trade as a carpenter, machinist, electrician, etc. may very well excel as a diesel technician! Other Information About This Job: - Regular attendance is an essential requirement - You must have a basic set of hand tools - You must have the ability to lift up to fifty pounds on a regular basis and loosen or tighten bolts up to 200 foot-pounds of torque. - Extended periods of standing - The promotion of company goals by supporting and implementing changes is imperative.

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