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Delivery Driver

General Summary

At Andy Mohr Volkswagen we are looking to add an essential team member to our wholesale parts operations in the form of an additional delivery driver.

Reports to: Parts Manager

Deliver Value for the Customer

Duties & Responsibilities:

You will be working in the parts department as a delivery driver. You will be expected to load and empty your vehicle of deliveries, promptly delivery stocking and special order parts to our customers, making sure the customer receives their invoice, receive payment if COD, check, or paying with credit card at time of delivery, communicate the needs of the customer to our team, pick up returns and notify us of said returns, deliver credit memos to customers, assist in putting stocking parts up, staging special order parts, counting inventory, delivering parts to technicians, cleaning the department, picking up and dropping shop customers, filling delivery vehicles with fuel, and other duties as requested by overseeing manager.

  • Establishes and maintains good working relationships with customers to encourage repeat and referral business.
  • Ensures that customer complaints are handled tactfully, promptly, with genuine concern, and according to the dealership’s guidelines.
  • Takes the initiative to exceed customer satisfaction, even if it requires overcoming obstacles.
  • Ensures that each and every customer encounter is consistent with the Volkswagen Promise.
  • Collects all necessary information.
  • Assists Parts Consultants when needed, in explaining policies to customers.
  • Identifies, recommends and supports opportunities for methods/process improvement.
  • Promotes the dealership by presenting a professional image and positive attitude at all times.

Create Collaborative Relationships

  • Strives for harmony and teamwork within the department and with other departments.
  • Communicates verbally and non-verbally clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm in one-on-one and group interactions.
  • Communicates regularly with members of other departments as part of the Volkswagen dealer team.
  • Builds productive working relationships with fellow employees through clear communications.
  • Has an approachable style; fosters open communication through active listening; listens actively to understand others completely; actively listens to concerns; takes action to respond to others' needs.
  • Produces accurate and clearly written documentation.
  • Works collaboratively with internal and external customers; provides technical assistance and support to team members as needed.
  • Takes initiative to help others as needed.
  • Persuades others to accept a point of view or obtain commitment.
  • Provides clear and legible record of paperwork completed for both customer and dealership use.
  • Promptly notifies the Parts Department of any additional scheduling needs or other developments that would cause a missed promise time or that creates any changes to the delivery estimate.
  • Attends and participates in team meetings as requested.

Function During Change and Uncertainty

  • Presents self as a positive role model by demonstrating commitment to other staff, customers, dealership and company.
  • Departs from traditional ways of doing things to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Recommends innovative solutions to make procedures more efficient. 
  • Utilizes all available information to ensure proper resolution of problems; makes and implements decisions to accomplish goals and meet deadlines.
  • Resolves all disputes and difficulties with professionalism and composure.
  • Successfully performs overlapping tasks; performs multiple tasks simultaneously in order to meet and exceed deadlines and expectations; maintains composure when faced with multiple demands.
  • Modifies and makes the necessary changes to policies and procedures in order to adapt to changes.
  • Effectively handles changes in the parts department; implements and adapts to changes quickly and efficiently; encourages others to value change.
  • Listens to and supports new ideas and approaches; adapts to change quickly.
  • Takes necessary steps to minimize time spent waiting for parts.
  • Maintains high ethical standards at all times.

Responsible for other duties as assigned and/or required by business need.

Required competencies

The following qualities and attributes successfully characterize a professional Delivery Driver:

  • Shows honesty towards customers while showing empathy for their problems and concerns.
  • Is trustworthy and easily liked by others.
  • Is well organized and thorough.
  • Clearly understands issues and demonstrates a willingness and desire to follow-through on what needs to get done.
  • Is responsible and dependable.
  • Takes ownership over problems and shows creativity in dealing with difficult problems. 
  • Is hard working and enthusiastic; fosters these attributes in others. 
  • Maintains a professional appearance.

Education, training and/or state/national certifications should clearly demonstrate the possession of the competencies stated above.   

  • High School degree or equivalent preferred
  • Other certifications or licenses as required by state law
  • Minimum one years experience in delivery driving 
  • Tools required to perform repairs and services
  • Valid driver's license
  • Clean driving history
  • Comfortability with Cargo Vans, Box Trucks, and other delivery vehicles
  • Insurable on company insurance
  • Punctual
  • Comfortable with technology

Physical and Work Demands

The physical and work demands listed below are representative of the demands required to perform the primary duties and responsibilities of the job successfully.  Reasonable accommodations may be provided to enable the Delivery Driver to perform the primary duties and responsibilities.


  • Moving about the parts department
  • Using computer to look up information 
  • Bending, stretching, lifting, reaching, and climbing
  • Utilizing physical and manual dexterity
  • Driving a vehicle (if properly licensed)
  • Lifting up to 50 lbs.
  • Using equipment consistent with industry standards


  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Paint
  • Dust
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Other hazardous and non-hazardous materials
  • Extreme heat and/or cold

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