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Under The Hood

Is the shop heated? Air conditioned?

The shop is heated.

What is the size of the team I’d be working with?

We employ 4 technicians and 3 support staff.

What are the shop hours and what are the shift timeframes?

Our shop is open to the public Monday-Friday 7:00-4:00. Technician shifts are 7:00-4:00. Service Advisor shifts are 6:30-4:00.

What tools does the shop provide that are available for all technicians to use?

We have multiple diagnostic scan tools available for all technicians. We also have all the common shop equipment including refrigerant machines (R134a and R1234yf), brake fluid flushing machine, drivetrain fluid extractor/filler, power steering flush machine, coolant flushing machine, coolant extraction machine, oxy-acetalyne torch, miller welder, parts washer.

What type of break room facility is provided?

We do have a dedicated break room. The shop also has a large fridge, a microwave, and a small toaster oven. And a Weber Grill

How many bays does your shop have?

We have 6 bays & a large open area. The shop is 3300 sq ft

How many repair orders do you average per month?

We average 240 RO's per month.

What is your parts ordering process?

Service advisors handle the estimating, ordering, and receiving of parts. Technicians are given parts ETA's upon approval of work and upon arrival, parts are left on a labeled parts bench.

What is your policy on side work?

We allow side work to be done after hours at the shop only on immediate family member's vehicles.

Are there any other unique features of the work environment worth noting?

We are in Downtown Downers Grove. Starbucks is 1 block away. There are plenty of restaurants nearby. Downers Grove has the best customers.

Do you offer any skills training or continuing education opportunities?

We offer technicians a variety of training opportunities. We offer online learning modules via DirectHit Pro Academy, we offer online courses through ScannerDanner, we offer quarterly technician classes through NAPA, we offer lunchtime online training through WorldPac.

Can you describe opportunities for career growth at your business?

We believe in promoting from within, this means that we often cross-train employees in other roles and help them develop their career paths.

Can you describe your performance review process?

We discuss employee performance and training plans on a yearly basis, or as needed.

What type of safety training is required?

There is no specific requirement regarding safety training.

Can you describe how Techs work with and mentor younger techs?

Our technicians work as a close team. In order to help our younger techs learn we often have them shadow senior techs and give them work that is new or challenging to them. On a day-to-day basis, senior techs are always available if questions arise. We encourage apprentices to ask lots of questions, that's how we all learn.

How does your shop get involved with the local community?

We participate in the Care for Cars program.

Do you do anything with local high schools or tech schools to encourage more students to enter the profession?

We are involved in the College of DuPage Automotive Service Technologies career fairs.

Do you phone screen applicants before doing in-person interviews?

We will typically reach out to you for a quick phone call, during which we'll set up a time for an in-person interview.

What do your in-person interviews entail?

We discuss our values and expectations, as well as your experiences and career goals. We'll show you around the shop, and introduce you to some of our employees.

Do you perform background checks, drug screening, or personality tests before hiring an applicant?

Yes, we perform background checks and drug screening as part of our hiring process.

Do you perform a skill assessment before hiring an applicant? If yes, what does it entail?

No, we do not.

After an in-person interview, approximately how long should I expect to wait for a rejection or an offer?

2 weeks or less

Approximately how long does the full hiring process take from submitting the application to the time of the hiring decision?

2-4 weeks

B Level Technician Pay Range: $60,000.00 - $80,000.00/year ($28.85 - $38.46/hr)

Flat-rate, with a weekly guarantee of 40 hours.

C Level Technician Pay Range: $40,000.00 - $60,000.00/year ($19.23 - $28.85/hr)


A Level Technician Pay Range: $80,000.00 - $110,000.00/year ($38.46 - $52.88/hr)

Flat-rate, with a weekly guarantee of 40 hours.

Health Insurance Offered
We offer health insurance through _____
Dental Insurance Not Offered
Vision Insurance Not Offered
Retirement Plan Offered
We offer a 401k plan with a matching contribution.
Sick Leave Not Offered
Vacation Offered
All of our staff have paid vacation days and are encouraged to use them.
Paid Holidays Offered
We offer all major federal paid holidays.
ST / LT Disability Not Offered
Life Insurance Not Offered
Uniforms Offered
We supply your uniforms through a third party who collects them on-site for washing on a weekly basis.
Other Not Offered

Shop Talk

Top Shop Challenge: Over the last several years, we’ve seen huge improvements in benefits and perks for technicians. Describe any non-standard benefits/perks you added recently or plan to add next year.

At Lang's Auto Service, we believe in investing in our technicians' well-being and success. We upped our benefits game by offering weekly paid lunches. It's a chance for our team to unwind and bond over a good meal. Moreover, we proudly support our technicians in their professional development by offering certification reimbursement—because their growth matters to us. And here's the best part: our commitment to a healthy work-life balance means a solid 40-hour workweek with no mandatory overtime. We're always striving to do more for our amazing team!


Top Shop Challenge: What are a couple of things you'd like to highlight that happened last month?

🚗✨ We have exciting news to highlight at Lang's! Our team has grown with the addition of Greg, our talented new apprentice technician eager to dive into automotive repair and maintenance. 🌟🔩 His enthusiasm and dedication to learning are already shining through. We're thrilled to have him on board and look forward to seeing his skills grow alongside our experienced team. Welcome, Greg, to our shop family!


Top Shop Challenge: When you give a job applicant a tour of your shop, what's the one thing they are most surprised to see?

Most job applicants are pleasantly surprised by the warmth and friendliness exuded in our shop. It's not just about our tools and equipment, but the welcoming environment we've cultivated. People also often mention how they expected a more traditional setting but are taken aback our distinctive shop layout.


Top Shop Challenge: Let us know what you're thankful for this year as it relates to your service team.

Holiday season is coming up! This year at Lang's we're thankful for more than just cars; we're grateful for our incredible team and the trust that our valued community places in us every day.