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Bozard Ford Lincoln Dealership - Driven to Inspire - Positively Bozard - Committed to Honesty, Integrity, Customer and Employee Satisfaction Bozard Ford has been a family-owned and operated dealership in St. Augustine since 1949. Founded by Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Bozard, Jr., the Bozard family has worked to serve both their country and their community for three generations and more than 75 years. Both Fred H. Bozard Jr. and Fred Bozard, III served their country in the U.S. Navy before returning home to run Bozard Ford in St. Augustine. The Bozard family continues their civic duty in the St. Augustine area by participating in various organizations and as active members of the community. The entire Bozard Ford Lincoln Team is committed to sharing family values and providing a fun, efficient experience to customers in the St. Augustine and Jacksonville communities. Bozard Ford Lincoln has gained national recognition as the recipient of numerous awards. Our dealership is a four-time Triple Crown Award winner! This is Ford Motor Company's most prestigious honor which is awarded to only the top 1% of Ford dealers in the nation. A Triple Crown Award recipient must receive Ford's President's Award, be a Top 100 Volume Dealer, and meet the Partner’s in Quality criteria. For 2019, we have also been awarded DealerRater's Ford and Lincoln Dealer of the Year Award for the entire state of Florida based on customer reviews concerning friendliness, quality of service, and overall customer satisfaction. To better serve the growing population of St Augustine and Jacksonville, our new facility offers 91 climate-controlled service bays, WiFi in the customer lounge, a no-appointment Quick Lane service for routine maintenance on any make or model, among other great amenities. The success of Bozard Ford Lincoln can be traced directly back to the culture inside the dealership. Team members are encouraged and rewarded for being the best they can be in and outside of work hours. Our team didn't set out to win awards, we set out to do business the right way. We appreciate the recognition, but are more proud of what we accomplish with our customers and in our community. I


Under The Hood

Is the shop heated? Air conditioned?

Heated and air conditioned facility

What is the size of the team I’d be working with?

Fixed operation team consists of approximately 130+ team members

What are the shop hours and what are the shift timeframes?

Currenlty Main Service 7-7 M-F 8-4 Saturday Quick Lane 7-9 M-F 7-7 Sat 9-5 Sun

What tools does the shop provide that are available for all technicians to use?

Tire service equipment, alignment machines, power-train lifts, A/C machines, specialty tools, flush machines, hydraulic press, IDS/computers/diagnostic, parts washers, welder's, brake service machines, vacuums, pressure washers, etc....

What type of break room facility is provided?

Three large break rooms equipped with sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, snack machines, drink machines, water fountains and seating for large groups.

How many bays does your shop have?


How many repair orders do you average per month?

Currently 4800-5200

What is your parts ordering process?

Emergency order basis if the vehicle stays, and regular order if the vehicle is picked up, ordering done by Technician

What is your policy on side work?

To be discussed with service management prior to performing work

Are there any other unique features of the work environment worth noting?

On site daycare facility available to team members and a Ford's Garage Restaurant

Do you offer any skills training or continuing education opportunities?

Yes, in-house, on-line and in school

Can you describe opportunities for career growth at your business?

We always look to hire from within prior to looking outside

Can you describe your performance review process?

We base our performance reviews on character, production, training achievements and quality.

What type of safety training is required?

We conduct our own in house safety training monthly based of OSHA requirements

Can you describe how Techs work with and mentor younger techs?

We have an exclusive in house training program (TDP-tech development program) that is run by 2 Ford senior master technicians both of which have extensive training backgrounds.

How does your shop get involved with the local community?

Bozard has been a community leader for over 70 years serving St. Augustine and North Florida. We give back by supporting the endeavors of our associates to make our neighborhoods, schools and communities a better place for all.

Do you do anything with local high schools or tech schools to encourage more students to enter the profession?

Yes, we participate in career fairs with our local community college and tech schools. We also invite candidates to our facility for tours and work directly with school leadership to create a career path for young adults.

Where do you see the shop in five years?


Is there anything else you’d like to mention about career development and community?


Do you have an application form and how long does it typically take to complete?

Yes, approximately 15-20 minutes

Do you phone screen applicants before doing in-person interviews?

No, we usually want to meet our candidates face to face unless they are unable to

What do your in-person interviews entail?

Relaxed interview where we have the opportunity to get to know the applicant and they can get to know us.

Do you perform background checks, drug screening, or personality tests before hiring an applicant?

Yes, we perform a drug screen and background check.

Do you perform a skill assessment before hiring an applicant? If yes, what does it entail?


After an in-person interview, approximately how long should I expect to wait for a rejection or an offer?

1-2 days

Approximately how long does the full hiring process take from submitting the application to the time of the hiring decision?

2-3 weeks

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about your hiring process?


A Level Technician
A Level Technicians are highly skilled technicians that have strengths in their diagnostic and mechanical ability. This level of technician typically has many years of experience and education. We view an A Level Technician as the highest skilled technician in a shop
Pay Range: $35,000 - $200,000/year

We offer flat rate, salary and hourly pay plans

B Level Technician
B Level Technicians are skilled in mechanical repair and, while not their specialty, have some diagnostic skills. B Level Technicians generally have a fair amount of experience and can be trusted to handle most repairs.
Pay Range: $35,000 - $85,000/year

We offer flat rate, salary and hourly pay plans

C Level Technician
C Level Technicians are more of entry level technicians. C Level Technicians’ responsibilities typically include basic maintenance, alignments, brake and suspension work, along with other base level repairs.
Pay Range: $35,000 - $65,000/year

We offer flat rate, salary and hourly pay plans

Lube Technician
Lube Technicians are entry level technicians that focus on routine maintenance such as oil changes, changing tires, and inspections.
Pay Range: $31,200 - $35,000/year

We offer flat rate, salary and hourly pay plans

Service Advisor
Service Advisors are primarily customer focused and, as one of the faces of the shop, they are critical in keeping customers happy. Service Advisors are frequently focused on taking customer calls, relaying information to technicians, and selling repair jobs. Both technical and sales experience are helpful for this position.
Pay Range: $35,000 - $115,000/year

Salary and commissioned based pay plan

Service Manager
Service Managers are responsible for management and overall health of the shop. Service Managers are typically focused on running an efficient shop that meets their financial goals. Other responsibilities can include staffing, performance evaluations, and financial analysis amongst many other responsibilities.
Pay Range: $65,000 - $150,000/year

Salary and commissioned based pay plan

Student Tech / Apprentice
Student technicians work on entry level tasks while completing their school programs.
Pay Range: $31,200 - $35,000/hour

We offer flat rate, salary and hourly pay plans

Health Insurance Offered
Comprehensive health and wellness program is available
Dental Insurance Offered
Comprehensive dental program is available
Vision Insurance Offered
Comprehensive vision program is available
Retirement Plan Offered
401K program is available
Sick Leave Offered
Bozard provides 6 paid sick/personal days per year
Vacation Offered
Bozard offers up to 3 weeks paid vacation
Paid Holidays Offered
Bozard offers 6 paid holidays per year (Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving)
ST / LT Disability Offered
Short and long term disability insurance is available
Life Insurance Offered
Limited life insurance program is available
Uniforms Offered
Bozard provides uniforms (Work pants, and shirts)
Other Offered
Health and Wellness program is available

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