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Trailer Apprentice

Talent Requirements & Skills

  • Perform basic preventative maintenance inspection under supervision
  • Perform basic DOT inspection under supervision for minimum of 1 year
  • Removal and install of tire and wheel assembly under supervision
  • Perform minor air brake component repairs under supervision
  • Perform minor body parts replacement under supervision
  • Perform minor frame component parts under supervision
  • Perform trailer alignments under supervision
  • Minor side panel repairs
  • Crossmember replacement or repair under supervision

Trailer and Reefer Shop Only

  • Diagnose tire inflation systems and determine root cause to perform repairs as needed under Supervision
  • Diagnose, repair, or replace suspension components, minus bushings
  • Oil change
  • All belts and adjustments
  • Reefer display operations

Rebuild Shop Only

  • Corner post under supervision
  • Foaming under supervision
  • Panel replacement under supervision
  • Liners under supervision
  • Scuff repairs under supervision
  • Bottom rail splice and backer repairs under supervision
  • Bumper repair and replacement under supervision
  • J-post under supervision

 Training Requirements

  • Trailer Preventative Maintenance Training
  • Tire and Wheel Training
  • DOT Inspection Training
  • Reefer Preventative Maintenance Training
  • Air Brake Component Training
  • Repair Order System Training
  • Basic Electrical Trouble Shooting Training
  • Forklift Training
  • Scissor Lift Training
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