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Auto Body Painter

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Paints vehicles and auto parts such as fenders, doors, hoods, or roofs that have been damaged in accidents or need replacement
  • Sands off rust spots or other imperfections on the surface of a vehicle
  • Prepares surfaces for painting by sanding off rust spots, or other imperfections, filling cavities and dents with putty to attain a smooth service, and cleaning them thoroughly to remove grease or other contaminants that could affect the adhesion of the paint
  • Masks and protects parts that are not to be painted or coated
  • Applies primer to the surface of the vehicle prior to painting to ensure that the paint adheres to the surface
  • Uses proper processes, techniques, and materials used in painting automotive equipment including, but not limited to blending, mixing paints and color matching according to specifications
  • Selects and mixes coating liquid to produce desired color
  • Paints surface using spray guns or rollers depending on the type of paint used and the vehicle’s surface area
  • Inspects painted units for quality of workmanship, noting any runs, sags, and unpainted areas
  • Applies protective coats over painted surfaces before they dry to prevent damage from occurring during shipping or storage
  • Maintains tools and keeps equipment clean and in proper state of repair
  • Keeps work area clean
  • Maintains and wears all required safety and health personal protective equipment, including respirator, in the manner recommended by the equipment manufacturer
  • Complies with all laws and regulations pertaining to paint, thinners, and other hazardous materials –reports any deviations to management
  • Cooperates and assists other personnel in the repair and prepping of vehicles.
  • Understands, and stays up to date on and complies with federal, state, and local regulations that affect body shop operations, such as hazardous waste disposal, OSHA Right-to-Know, etc.
  • Operates and uses all body shop equipment properly and safely
  • Performs additions duties as assigned or requested

Required and Preferred Skills

  • First-rate attention to detail and color perception with the ability to mix and match paints
  • Skill in the use of spray guns and other auto painting equipment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals
  • Able to work independently
  • Able to bend, kneel, squat, and/or stand for long periods of time as well as lift 45+ lbs
    (Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.)
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