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A Level Technician


The purpose of the Technician is to have a highly trained and knowledgeable team member that is able to diagnose, inspect, repair, and/or service vehicle components and perform maintenance. The Technician is the eyes and ears of the Service Advisor. The Technician will: 

  • Properly diagnose the customer’s concern and document, with words and pictures, the intended cure for that concern 
  • Perform a vehicle health report on every vehicle, recommending repairs on any broken, damaged, or worn-out components 
  • Efficiently perform repairs on vehicles 
  • Verify all repairs correct the customer’s concern 
  • Communicate effectively with the Service Advisors about the status of vehicles, required parts, and required labor 
  • Treat the customer’s vehicle with respect. 
  • Ensure it leaves the shop in a better state than when it arrived 
  • Come to work with a positive attitude 
  • Assist other teammates with tasks as needed 
  • Help other teammates become 1% better 


  • All Technicians must be able to physically and mentally be able to perform repairs and services 
  • Technicians must have the ability to explain the work needed to the Service Advisors 
  • Technicians must work well under pressure 
  • Technicians must meet or exceed the standards set by industry-recognized organizations 
  • Technicians are required to have all of the hand tools that are necessary to perform their job duties 
  • Technicians must have the ability and be willing to attend training, both online and in person

Areas of Responsibility:

  • The Technician’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 
  • Dedication to the company’s core values, profitability, and 100% customer satisfaction 
  • Following company policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook and the SOP manual 
  • Perform a Vehicle Health Report on every vehicle 
  • Work well with others striving toward a common goal
  • Commit to continuously educate themselindustry-recognizedy recognized classes, seminars, webinars, and tests to stay educated in our industry and new vehicles 
  • Quality control of all completed work, including verifying repairs 
  • Keep their work area clean and organized, including workbenches and shop floor 
  • Keep shop equipment and tools in good working order and returned to their assigned storage area once finished using 
  • Report any damaged or broken shop equipment to the owner or applicable manager, including any maintenance needs 

Minimum Standards of Performance Diagnosis:

Before performing any diagnostic testing, it is required that the technicians have a clear understanding of the customer complaint or service requested. Before disassembly, or any other testing that will disable the vehicle, assure that the concern cannot be diagnosed by external or non-obtrusive methods. While testing, be aware of the time spent and the skill level required to diagnose the concern. If the testing time has been consumed, the Technician must consult with the Service Advisors to get more testing time 


All testing, findings, recommendations, and services performed will be documented with words and pictures. If you’re unsure if it needs to be written, document it. More information is always better. Think about the information you provided. Will it be useful in a year or two? Did you describe what was done, or what was needed where someone else can read it and understand? 

Mechanical Services:

All adjustments, repairs, and services will be performed in a manner that is good for the shop, good for the vehicle, and good for the customer. At no time will a lesser service be recommended that would cause a pre-existing condition to get worse or fail faster. Check the shop manual before starting any procedure that you’re not familiar with to ensure that all necessary tools are available. 

Replaced Components: 

When specified on the repair order, replaced components will be returned to the customer. When not specified on the repair order, replaced components will be saved until the day after the vehicle is returned to the customer. When a component has a core, the old component will be placed in the original box & packaging and returned to the Service Advisors. 

Final Test Drive:

All vehicles are to be inspected and test driven to verify the repairs resolved the customer's concern and that the services didn’t cause a new concern. All vehicles are to be inspected to ensure that they are clean and free from damage or dirt. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction 

Note: If you have any questions about this document, contact your supervisor. Technicians must notify their manager anytime that they cannot perform the job listed above or any portion of the job. This job description is not a contract for employment.

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