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Valerie (Val) Klein is a Marketing Specialist at WrenchWay. Val graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing from Saginaw Valley State University in 2019. She started her career assisting with the marketing and events for a construction training academy in Michigan. There she began to work with the passionate men and women in the skilled trades industry which sparked Val’s interest in “blue collar” marketing. Her background, creativity, and spunky personality has made her a great fit in WrenchWay’s promotions in helping solve the technician shortage. In her spare time, Val enjoys binging the latest Netflix show, painting, walking her dog, and hanging out with family and friends!

Benefits of Technician Recognition in Shops (Plus Ideas & Tips)

It’s not a secret; the technician shortage makes it harder for shops to recruit new technicians. However, that is why it is even more important to focus on keeping their current technicians. How can shops do this? One way is with proper recognition! Everyone wants to be recognized for a job well done. Whether it

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Questions Shops Should Ask Technicians During an Interview

Finding technicians is hard enough. There’s no need to make it more difficult with a cumbersome interview process. But what does a successful interview process look like? Where do you start? What questions do you ask? We polled our network to find out what questions they ask technicians during the interview process. We talked to

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Build & Promote a Shop Culture to Boost Your Technician Recruiting

Your shop’s culture is the personality of your business and what makes it unique. So it should be no surprise to hear shop culture is important to technicians. In a recent WrenchWay Insiders poll, 58% of technicians voted that the shop’s work environment (including shop culture) is more important to them than compensation, career development,

Student Technician Finds a Job With Reverse Job Posts

Every technician’s story, training, background, and certifications are different. Sometimes just submitting a resume to a job posting doesn’t tell a technician’s full story. Fast forward to the interview, time is often wasted for the tech and shop because certain details didn’t fit into the traditional job application template. That wasn’t the case with James!

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Morgan Auto Group Hires Technician Using Reverse Job Posts

Shops and dealerships everywhere are desperate for technicians. Job boards are inundated with thousands of job posts from various industries. It’s nearly impossible for any employer to stand out, and this is especially true for shops and dealerships looking for technicians. Recently, Nate and his team at Morgan Auto Group were looking to add a

2021-12-02T15:25:36-05:00Success Stories|

How Phillip Found a New Technician Job Using Reverse Job Posts

Finding a job as a technician is overwhelming. Nearly every shop is hiring for techs, and all their job postings look the same. Trying to comb through the hundreds of job posts, determine which shop is actually worth applying to, and updating/sending a resume to each is extremely time-consuming. Despite the pain of looking for

2022-03-21T11:25:50-05:00Success Stories|

Technician Retention is Crucial – Learn How to Prevent Turnover at Your Shop

“My shop needs techs!” ...Seems like this is something every shop owner and/or manager is saying these days. Turnover rates for the industry are unsustainably high. The automotive industry has a mechanic turnover rate of 46%. According to Forbes, this is just the beginning of the rise in employee turnover. A “Turnover Tsunami” is on

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Eagle Automotive Service Hires Technician Using Reverse Job Posts

We recently sat down with Shop Owner, Brian Bates, at Eagle Automotive Service to talk about his experience using WrenchWay’s new Reverse Job Post program to hire a technician. Check out what he had to say below! How did you hear about WrenchWay and Reverse Job Posts? I received a LinkedIn message from Kate Beirowski,

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Why Automotive Skills Need to Be Taught in High School

Answer this for me: Why are culinary classes offered, even required, in most high schools, but a basic automotive course isn’t? Eating is essential for survival, but don’t most people rely on their cars for transportation to get to their job that pays for that food? We rely on cars so much these days to

2022-06-17T11:26:28-05:00For Schools|

How Schools Can Attract More Females to Technician Programs

Walk into any service center and you’ll see the vast majority of technicians are male. In fact, a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020 found that only 9% of all automotive technicians in the United States are women. While this is a 7% improvement from 2018 (which is huge), we still

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