WrenchWay Top Schools was designed specifically for post-secondary auto, diesel, and collision technician programs to give an in-depth look at what they can offer to potential students. All on one page, students can learn about a program’s costs, faculty, lab projects, see photos and videos of the classroom and shop areas, and more.

With Top Schools being a free and newer recruiting tool for technician programs, instructors and school marketing teams often ask about best practices to get the most out of this page. It isn’t enough just to have a Top Schools page out there, schools have to use it!

Here are some simple ways schools can start using their free Top Schools page in order to attract more students and show off their program.

How to Use a Top Schools Page to Attract Students to Technician Programs

Encourage Instructors & Students to Share on Social Media

Instructors and students of technician programs are most likely connected with people on social media who have similar interests as them. This is a great opportunity to get in front of individuals who might be interested in your technician program. Plus, people trust and pay more attention to social media posts that come from people they know versus businesses/organizations.

Keep in mind, the top three social media platforms for recruiting are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, respectively. Having detailed social media post copy is key. For example, “Hey check out this video of my classmates and me working on this John Deere engine” is much better than, “Check out this video.”

Show Off at College Fairs & During Tours

For instructors and recruiting staff attending college fairs and doing campus tours, having a Top Schools page makes it easy to visually show students what the program is all about. Consider having a computer, tablet, or smartphone as a part of your booth set up or tour to show off your program’s photos and videos, and answer FAQs. Also, booth materials and tour handouts should have the Top Schools link or a QR code (linked to your Top Schools page). See “Add a QR Code or Link to Marketing Materials” for more details.

Add to the College Website

Most technical program descriptions are mixed in on a school’s public website and don’t dive in deep to what really makes it special. Even if you think your school’s website discusses tech programs well, it always helps to link out to more information, like your Top Schools page.

If an instructor doesn’t have the access to edit the school’s website, they should consider encouraging the school’s IT or marketing department(s) to add the Top Schools link to the website. Instructors and other staff spend a good amount of time plugging in information and making videos on these free Top Schools pages, so they might as well include them on their public website that already receives a decent amount of traffic from potential students.

Add a QR Code or Link to Marketing Materials

In order to add the Top Schools page to marketing materials, make sure the marketing department is aware the page exists. If marketing is aware of the free recruiting tool, they can start incorporating it into their print and digital marketing materials for the program (i.e., emails, blogs, flyers, etc.).

Post in Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

There are tons of industry-related groups out there across social media, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a great way to get your program in front of students, technicians, shop owners, and instructors. These are the people that likely know of friends or family members who might be interested in your program.

Here are a few sample Facebook groups:

Connect with Local Shops and Dealerships

Not only is a Top Schools page great for student recruiting, it can also help instructors connect with more shops and dealerships near them. Remember, the videos that are posted on a Top Schools page are automatically posted on our Shop Talk feed. Shop Talk is filled with industry professionals from all across the country talking about open positions, their culture, what’s going on in their shop, and more. Schools should consider posting a video giving a shout out to a few local shops that have helped their program and share more ways industry could help them.

Get Started—Create a Free WrenchWay Schools Account

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